The Government and Big Pharma Should Be Prohibited From Calling COVID Shots "Vaccines"

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Several years ago, there was a war in Big Ice Cream.  Some manufacturers were selling a product that carried the label of ice cream, but according to some others within the industry, did not rise to the standard and definition of ice cream.  This led to an unfair advantage for some, who used cheap ingredients to circumvent the cost of those expensive things like cream.  After much discussion, the FDA (yes, that FDA) issued a rule which defined what Ice Cream was and what could carry the name on the label, and what was later defined as “frozen dairy dessert.”  Why?  Well, because the latter just isn’t Ice Cream.

When the COVID-19 crisis hit in 2020, there was a race to create a vaccine against the virus to protect as many people as possible. Through Operation Warp Speed, the Trump Administration created the largest mass-medical effort in our country’s history.  Billions were spent to create the rushed vaccine, and miles of red tape were cut in the process, allowing for private companies to manufacture a product that was touted as the definitive end to COVID-19.  Three vaccines — Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson and Johnson — made their debut before Trump left office, handing over what was announced as highly effective vaccines. “Get vaccinated,” they said, “so we can all get back to normal.”

Admittedly, I myself got the vaccine early on, largely to protect my octogenarian father, whom I was seeing several times a week.  At that time, there was no vaccine data.  I went on the word of the pharmaceutical companies which produced the vaccines as well as the government agencies which approved them.  I figured that in this time of crisis, I could do my part, especially since I considered that there would be an option to hold big pharma and the government accountable in the case that I, or anyone I knew, was injured for consuming the vaccine.

That was until the government immunized themselves and big pharma against any liability for injuries sustained from the COVID vaccines.

From NBC News:

In February, Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar invoked the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act. The 2005 law empowers the HHS secretary to provide legal protection to companies making or distributing critical medical supplies, such as vaccines and treatments, unless there’s “willful misconduct” by the companyThe protection lasts until 2024.

That means that for the next four years, these companies “cannot be sued for money damages in court” over injuries related to the administration or use of products to treat or protect against Covid.

Now, more than a year later, they are attempting to force us to receive a vaccine for which we have no recourse if we are injured.

Yet, as I review the order regarding the immunity to suits, it specifically talks of medical damages and death from receiving the vaccine, which certainly limits the recourse one may have in the case they are injured by the vaccine.  However, I believe there may be an action that can be taken against the government and the manufacturers of the vaccine for a much more, ice-cream-like, reason:

What they are selling, aren’t vaccines.

While the FDA was free to determine what was and wasn’t ice cream based upon the definition of ice cream before the invention and discovery of replacement “frozen dairy dessert” ingredients, so should we be able to determine what a vaccine was, before the powers that be hastily changed the definition to meet the failures of the COVID-19 vaccines.  My colleague and friend over at PJ Media, Stephen Kruiser, took this on just the other day when he said: “Stop Calling It A Vaccine.

Because vaccines these aren’t.  Vaccines have historically prevented a near totality of the population from being infected from whatever pathogen they reportedly were protecting the people from.  When you got vaccinated against polio, mumps, or measles, you were protected from getting those horrible diseases.  They weren’t there to give you a mild case of polio or turn measles into a seasonal threat.  They were meant to eradicate the disease, which they have all but done.  As a result, the public rushed to be vaccinated and our children are scheduled to be vaccinated against these diseases early in life.  I got vaccinated based upon the promises from the drug manufacturers and the government: That if I got the shot, I wouldn’t get COVID.

Those promises have fallen flat, with them now suggesting that the vaccines may not even reduce your chances of being hospitalized and dying from COVID-19, only that the vaccines *may* reduce your chances of hospitalization and death.  All this, for a disease that has well over a 99% survival rate for the unvaccinated (under 70 years old), to begin with.  Perhaps even more despicably, the government is claiming that the vaccines are working against Omicron, claiming that the lower hospitalization and death rates are from the vaccines. Yet, when you analyze the data from less vaccinated populations, like South Africa, you’ll find that the reduced severity is linked to the variant itself and not to the vaccines or any effect they may have.

So while the government and drug manufacturers continue to push, through publicly funded commercials, press conferences, mailers, mandates, and narratives, they already know… they know beyond a reasonable doubt… that what they are saying is untrue.  The conspiracy, because that is what it is, to continue to spread this misinformation amounts to fraudulent advertising.  Just like ice cream, the term vaccine carries with it a very specific, widely understood definition.   When I am vaccinated against any other disease, I have a nearly zero chance of ever being infected with that disease.  Not only should the government and not-a-vaccine manufacturers stop using the term “vaccine” to describe the COVID-19 shots, but they should also be legally prohibited from using the term by the courts.   Using that term is false advertisement.

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