Israeli Trial Shows Fourth COVID Shot Doesn’t Stop Omicron — Biden, Democrats Hardest Hit

Who knew? Except for those of us who have been paying attention to science and other facts, I mean.

According to a preliminary study in Israel, a fourth COVID “vaccine” (it’s not a vaccine, per the CDC definition) is not enough to prevent Omicron infections. As I suggested in my headline, Joe “Winter of Severe Illness and Death” Biden was hardest hit by the news.


As reported by Reuters on Tuesday, Israel’s Sheba Medical Center has given second booster shots in a trial among its staff and is studying the effect of the Pfizer booster in 154 people after two weeks and the Moderna booster in 120 people after one week.

These were compared to a control group that did not receive the fourth shot, noted Reuters. Those in the Moderna group had previously received three shots of Pfizer’s vaccine, the hospital said.

The vaccines led to an increase in the number of antibodies “even a little bit higher than what we had after the third dose,” said Gili Regev-Yochay, director of the Infectious Diseases Unit, and then the bad news:

Yet, this is probably not enough for Omicron. We know by now that the level of antibodies needed to protect [against] and not to get infected from Omicron is probably too high for the vaccine, even if it’s a good vaccine.

In other words, Biden’s total obsession with vaccine mandates and the ridiculous fearmongering about “severe illness and death” was a complete crock of crap and remains a complete crock of crap.

“Science” (Anthony Fauci) was unavailable for comment.

Incidentally, as noted by Reuters Israel was the first country to roll out initial vaccinations against COVID-19 a year ago and last month started offering a fourth shot, or a second booster, to the most vulnerable and high-risk groups.


And of course, Biden isn’t the only Democrat who continues to hyperventilate at histrionic levels over COVID on a daily basis. Consider the following headlines:

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