Reviews Hawking New Kamala Harris Book 'I'm Speaking' Are the Funniest Snow Job I've Ever Seen

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OK, maybe not ever — but for sure, in a long time.

“The gift that keeps on giving.” Perhaps an overused trope. But in the case of the most inept vice president in at least modern history, the woman whose picture should be included in the dictionary next to every definition of “trope” — Kamala Harris — it couldn’t be more spot-on.


In this episode, we discuss the book “I’m Speaking: Words and Strength and Wisdom from Vice President Kamala Harris,” written by author Mary Zaia.

“Kamala Harris wants your voice to be heard,” America, begins the silly sales job on, which is complete and utter nonsense. Kamala Harris wants nothing more than Kamala Harris’s voice to be heard. Interspersed with ridiculous, inappropriately-timed cackling, of course.

I’m Speaking is a collection of the empowering words of a trailblazing vice president who believes we can reach a better, stronger tomorrow together.

If you’re laughing, as did my friend and colleague, Kurt Schlichter, lemme know when you’ve stopped.

If you didn’t know who this comedic fiction was written about, could you guess? Me, neither.

She is no stranger to being the “first” to take action and break into new leadership roles, and her guidance, resolve, and strength of character affirm the promise that she will not be the last.

This book of quotations is not just a source of her wisdom, but a beacon of compassion, encouragement, and the assurance that the future is for everyone.

I’m Speaking is a hopeful reminder that unity is not found by following the loudest voice, but by emboldening us all to speak up and speak out until everyone’s voice is heard.


Over on, we find the same silliness, including these hilarious bullet points:

· Pore over nearly 150 moving quotes on integrity, leadership, and empathy
· Look to Kamala Harris for power, poise, and limitless aspirations for a better world
· Celebrate a brighter future with the first Black, Asian-American, female Vice President

“Look to Kamala Harris for power, poise, and limitless aspirations for a better world.”

Gimme a sec. BWAHAHAHAHA.

OK, so which “better world” are we talking about? Kamala’s one trip to the Northern Triangle to discover the “root causes” of the Biden Border Crisis — as if she were some sort of modern-day Amerigo Vespucci?

Or maybe the “better world” of who and what Harris blames for the self-created Biden COVID-19 Crisis? Then again, maybe it’s her blatant lies about where she stands on important issues facing America.

The bottom line is this, as perfectly summed by my RedState colleague Kira Davis: I Have Never in My Life Seen a Worse Politician Than Kamala Harris.

Just for fun, here’s my favorite review from a “Let Me Talk” reader on

It’s a visually stunning book from the cover to the content. I love quotes and this collection of Vice President Harris’ words is wonderful. I’m going to buy a copy for my nieces even though they’re a little young for it now- they’ll love this book too.


Incidentally, “I’m Speaking” is not the only book written about our intrepid first-female, first-kinda-black vice president. Oh heck, no. For example, there’s this precious little gem for young kiddies.

Then we have the Pocket Book, “Kamala Harris Wisdom,” replete with “inspirational quotes from the first female vice president of America.” Almost brings an emotional tear of joy to your eye, huh?

Here’s the thing. Delusional Democrats like Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Lizzie Warren, Bernie Sanders, and a silly host of others, become lawmakers only because equally delusional voters continue to vote them into office.

Reality — the bottom line

The Democrat Party is between a proverbial rock and a hard place. A visibly declining and very confused Joe Biden continues to stumble and mumble along as the worst, first-term president in history, which terrifies Democrat lawmakers, particularly in respect to the 2022 midterms and the 2024 general election.


Equally terrifying to the Democrat Party is the prospect of Kamala Harris becoming president of the United States, either as the result of Biden resigning or being removed from office prior to 2024, or Harris seeking and winning the Democrat nomination and going on to capture the White House.

Obviously, those terrified Democrats have not read “I’m Speaking: Words of Strength and Wisdom from Vice President Kamala Harris.”

Dumb Democrats.


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