Former New York Gov and Soon to Be Ex-Mayor of NYC React Predictably to Rittenhouse Verdict

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As the histrionics continue unabated on CNN, MSNBC, and social media over the Kyle Rittenhouse jury returning “not guilty” verdicts on all charges, who better than the soon-to-be ex-mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, and the disgraced former governor of New York to rush to Twitter to not only embarrass themselves  — as is their custom — but to also fan the flames of what has often been a volatile case.


First up, the hapless mayor, whose long list of disastrous actions earned him RedState’s coveted Worst Mayor in America award, who stepped up to the plate to deem the verdict “disgusting.”

This verdict is disgusting and it sends a horrible message to this country.

Where is the justice in this? We can’t let this go.

We need stronger laws to stop violent extremism from within our own nation.

Now is the time.

One can only imagine the jubilation among sane New Yorkers when this clown is out of office.

Not only completely asinine but even worse, fully ignorant of the rule of law and the burden of proof. I mean, should we even bother to address this level of nonsense? Let’s do it, anyway.

What horrible message is that, comrade?

What evidence did the prosecutors present that was dismissed or ignored by the jury? The justice happened in that jury room. And, “violent extremism”? Where? You’ve obviously confused Kenosha with the “peaceful protests” visited on New Yorkers, week after week, month after month.


Speaking of New York Democrat politicians, let’s slide over to the former governor of the Empire State, Andrew Cuomo, who finally resigned after the New York attorney general found that he sexually harassed multiple women, for his “expert” legal analysis of the Rittenhouse verdict.

Today’s verdict is a stain on the soul of America, & sends a dangerous message about who & what values our justice system was designed to protect.

We must stand unified in rejecting supremacist vigilantism & with one voice say: this is not who we are.

Oh, we’re going to have fun with this one.

What “dangerous message” are we talking about, LuvGuv™?

That the American justice system, while not perfect (and I say that not with this case in mind) works? Was our system of justice also designed to protect Kyle Rittenhouse or just the thugs he killed? And what would you prefer — a pre-determined verdict based on political expediency? Yours, of course.


I don’t wanna be Mr. Obvious, here, bud, but your view of justice for others and justice for yourself doesn’t exactly square, know what I mean?

Through all my years of opining about politics, I have managed to maintain a certain sense of humor about the left. You kind of have to, to remain focused, sometimes. Different things at different times. At the top of that list is the left’s hall-of-fame-level hypocrisy, coupled with its dumbfounding inability to realize that honest rational people can easily see through its nonsensical dishonest messaging.

Speaking of which, Joe Biden “shockingly” managed to work his hapless self into the whole thing, and ended up doing what he always does: forcing his staff to race to walk back his comments quicker than Michael Moore sprinting across the room to grab the last slice of pizza from the buffet bar at closing time.

First, as we reported last week, Biden compared Rittenhouse to “white supremacists and militia groups” during a video posted to his Twitter account in 2020. Then, as we reported earlier today, Biden reacted to the verdict, telling reporters he agreed with it.

“Well, look. I stand by what the jury has concluded. The jury system works and we have to abide by it.”


Done deal, right? Yeah, no.

Finally, Biden’s handlers quickly walked back his comments, obviously afraid he was going to upset the radical left-wing base whose bidding he has done since he first set foot in Oval Office on Day One.

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