Joe Biden Reacts to Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Verdict, Leaves Something Rather Important Out

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As we previously reported, Kyle Rittenhouse found out today where the jury stood on the charges against him. He was found not guilty on all counts. Understandably, he was relieved – and collapsed to the table in the courtroom after hearing the news.


It wasn’t a surprise for anyone who knew the facts surrounding the case and/or who closely followed the trial, including some liberals who reluctantly admitted in the past week that watching the trial changed their minds about the Rittenhouse case.

For other liberals, however, the heartbreak was very real, as we documented in our “hot takes” round-up of deranged reactions to the verdict from enraged leftists who appear to want riots in the streets in the aftermath, even though we’ve all been told that attacks on the judiciary are tantamount to an insurrection or something.

As far as President Joe Biden’s reaction to the breaking story, he was asked about it not long after he received his colonoscopy earlier today.

“Well, look. I stand by what the jury has concluded. The jury system works and we have to abide by it,” Biden stated about the verdict in response to a question from NBC News senior White House correspondent Kelly O’Donnell.


The remarks, though brief, were pretty standard fare you’d expect to hear from a President on such matters. What was missing from his comments? An apology to Rittenhouse for the times Biden himself smeared the teenager as a murderer and a white supremacist. Flashback part one:


Though in my opinion a full apology is owed with all the trimmings (not quite “Beer Summit” territory but close), I think at this point Rittenhouse would just settle for the two words “I’m sorry” – although he certainly is within rights to sue the hell out of Biden and every other leftist who smeared him in the battle for woke supremacy.

And regarding Biden’s swipe at Trump in those tweets about Rittenhouse? Look who turned out to be right. Flashback part two:

We’re waiting, Joe.

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