Despicable: Pelosi's First Tweets After Marines Killed in Suicide Bombing

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If there is a more despicable political hack on the planet than Nancy Pelosi — other than “you know who” — I am unaware of who it is.

As reports began to break on Thursday after explosions outside the airport in Kabul, Afghanistan, left four U.S. Marines dead — that number stands at 12 dead, as I write; 11 Marines, one Navy medic, with the death toll likely to rise — the [insert the adjective of your choice] House Speaker fired off a series of tweets… reminding everyone it’s “Women’s Equity Day,” as reported by Fox News.


(Incidentally, Fox News announced at 3:55 p.m. ET — after more than six hours of crickets — that the hapless president of the United States was scheduled to finally address the nation at 5:00 p.m. ET. Make sure to hold your breath; he’s been five hours late at least once, this week.)

Did I mention that this partisan hack has no shame?

“Today, and every day, let us summon the suffragists’ spirit of hope and strive to lift up the voices of women across the nation – because we know this truth: when women succeed, America succeeds.”

You think this might also be a good day to summon the spirit and courage of dead Marines — four confirmed dead before you wrote these tweets — who tragically died needless deaths, Nancy?

Ah, but the “inequality.”

Despite progress, women across the nation still face barriers to full equality: from shameful pay disparities to the unfair economic impacts of the pandemic to the brazen assault on the right to vote. At this moment, Democrats are committed to Building Back Better with Women.


Do you think “at this moment” you might have mentioned the “brazen assault” on members of the US military, Madam Speaker? What about your “shameful” refusal to honor them?  You know, after you finished once again shilling for Biden’s disingenuous “Build Back Better” narrative?

And, of course, Pelosi couldn’t stop herself from playing the race card.

We also remember the many heroic women of color, too often unsung, who carried on the fight for decades more to overcome discrimination and injustice to win fair access to the ballot for every community.

Yeah, no. Today, patriotic Americans are remembering the heroic members of the US military who did not have to die — as in it didn’t have to be this way.

Our friend Benny Johnson was among those taking a well-aimed shot at Pelosi and her priorities.

Nancy Pelosi has tweeted 4 times today about “Women’s Equality Day.” Biden’s DoD is hosting a “Women’s Equality Day” 5K run right now. Meanwhile, this is a photo of women in Afghanistan today bruised and bloodied by a terror attack that Pelosi and Biden abandoned them to…


Yo — Nancy? Doesn’t appear that those women were celebrating, today, huh?

As the Columbia Bugle snarkily — beautifully so — tweeted:

Pelosi’s got her finger on the pulse of the American people!”

Nicely played, don’t you think, “Nanc”?

Even better, Italian Patriot’s tweet of Taliban fighters decked out in left-behind US gear carrying US weapons, and riding in a US military vehicle — sporting photoshopped Biden-Harris political propaganda — was perfect.

Oh, and as my colleague Brandon Morse reported (try to control your shock and amazement):

Pelosi and other House Democrats have decided now was a good time to close up shop, leaving President Joe Biden with the Afghanistan mess. According to Fox News, Pelosi and the Democrats stayed only so long as to work on domestic legislative agendas and then left. With the Senate also out, Biden and his advisors are the only Democrats around to deal with the crisis.


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