Joe Biden Is MIA on Suicide Attacks, Now State Department Is Playing the Coward, Too

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Six days ago, Joe Biden was saying that they’d achieved the two goals of going to Afghanistan: killing Osama bin Laden and making Afghanistan a place from which no more terrorist attacks could be launched.


This was delusional on its face when he said it, but it’s more delusional today in the wake of suicide attacks on the Kabul airport, with U.S. military dead and at least three U.S. Marines wounded. At least 40 are dead and 120 injured as a result of the suicide attacks.

But this is because Biden got us in this situation and trusted the Taliban — whoever was behind this attack, whether it was ISIS or the Taliban. Biden said the Taliban was going to ensure security, which obviously was a bad move from the outset. So now he needs to hold them accountable for that failure.

All our assets that we previously had in Afghanistan to spot terrorism were pulled out before we secured the safety of our own people and the safety of the allies we promised to get out.

What he needs to do is take the control back from the Taliban and say to them: You are not trustworthy and we need to get out own people out, so we need to push our perimeter out.


But Biden is Biden and has already shown that he has no will. His failure to respond today, now hours after the attack, is evidence of that.

Now, the word is that there won’t be any State Department briefing today either.

So they’re lily-livered cowards just like Biden, hoping they can avoid questions.

The only people expected to be briefing the country today are the Pentagon and John Kirby at this point. Kirby has already shown he has no shame about shoving out all kinds of falsehoods, so who knows what he will say today?

It’s horrible not only that there has been a terrorist attack, but that we can’t even trust our leaders to be honest with us.

Where is Joe Biden?


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