Biden Ups the Ante, Proposes Millions to Pay Legal Fees of Illegal Aliens

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In the early weeks of the current occupancy of the White House, as the Biden Border Crisis™ continued to worsen, I suggested that the guy couldn’t have done a better job importing illegal aliens at a record clip if he had ordered one-way people-movers installed along the border, hired mariachi bands to welcome what Democrats view as future-Democrat voters, and put together festive parties with piñatas for the kids.


Turns out there was one thing I overlooked that Biden could’ve done. “Shockingly,” he is now trying.

As reported by Yahoo News, the Biden administration plans to spend millions of dollars to cover the cost of lawyers for illegal aliens, a prospect that has infuriated immigration restrictionists.

Biden proposed in his immigration plan released this week that Congress should make available $15 million to cover the costs of private lawyers for “families and vulnerable individuals,” with another $23 million to cover legal orientation programs administered by the Justice Department.

The proposal, first outlined in Biden’s fiscal year 2022 budget, is the first time that an administration has proposed covering such an expense, and the White House has not shared additional information.

Let’s go over that again, shall we?

Not only do Biden and the Democrats want you to like it — or lump it — as the steady flow of illegal aliens continues, virtually unabated; they also want (expect) U.S. taxpayers to foot the bill for legal fees after these people have broken U.S. immigration law to get here. You in?


In a White House Fact Sheet titled The Biden Administration Blueprint for a Fair, Orderly and Humane Immigration System (fair, orderly, and humane for whom?), the very first sentence makes it pretty clear that this “fact sheet” is a complete crock of crap.

The United States can have an orderly, secure, and well-managed border while treating people fairly and humanely.

Really, Joe? Shipping COVID-positive illegal aliens around the country —often against the will of state and local lawmakers — makes for an “orderly, secure, and well-managed border”? Which part? And the “treating people fairly and humanely” part? Which people? American citizens or illegal aliens?

It gets even better. The $15 million part, I mean. Via Yahoo News:

The $15 million in funding would only be enough to cover several thousand people, according to a study from the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank. Immigration lawyers charge between $150 and $300 per hour.

Heritage senior fellow for homeland security Lora Ries last year examined deportation defense costs to provide a frame of reference for asylum cases and found each person spent between $2,000 and $10,000. At the lower end of $2,000 per person, 7,500 migrants would be able to have lawyers. On the higher end of $10,000 per person, just 1,500 people would be covered.

Let’s go to the facts for some proper perspective, shall we?


Over the past four months alone, 190,000 people illegally came across the southern border with a family member, and another 64,000 unaccompanied children arrived in America. The cost to the federal government of providing lawyers for those 250,000 family members and adults, at the $2,000 rate, would be approximately $500 million.

Other than never, when was the last time you saw the Democrat Party ask U.S. taxpayers to fund only a small portion of an already-known much larger total, and never come back for more?

Andrew Arthur, a former federal immigration judge from the York Immigration Court in Pennsylvania, isn’t buying the initial salvo, either. Per Yahoo:

“They talk about providing legal representation to families and vulnerable individuals. We don’t really know what that consists of, but it could be just families. It could be just women with children. I don’t know. The language is so vague — it’s problematic.”

Neither is Lora Ries. In her mind — and I’ll bet the majority of U.S. taxpayers feel the same way — illegals should pay their own legal fees, or seek help from various outside groups. Better: Stay home.

“An alien should pay for their own counsel, or there are many, many pro bono organizations and advocacy organizations that can represent them. The American taxpayer should not be paying for an attorney for someone who is removable.”


I’ve read several articles over the last couple of months that suggest a growing number of Democrat voters are experiencing “buyer’s remorse” over voting for Biden-Harris. One word question: Why?

What has the administration done that Biden didn’t spell out for months on the campaign trail? Particularly as it relates to illegal aliens? The almost immediate border surge after the inauguration? Not to mention, groups of illegals arriving in Biden campaign T-Shirts? Emblazoned with “Biden, Please Let Us In!”?

As I said, earlier, other than people-movers and mariachi bands, Joe’s doing a “great” job on the border!

And this disturbing video on Sunday from Fox News national correspondent Bill Melugin.

The hell of it?

As I’ve suggested in the past, let’s pretend Gallup, Quinnipiac, or other reputable polling organizations were to position pollsters along the border who would poll illegal aliens as they stream across. Let’s also pretend they then learn (these are not the results they’d find, but stay with me) that 75-80 percent of illegals streaming into the U.S. plan to vote Republican if and when they are ever given the right to vote.


What would happen?

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez & Co., and most if not all of the rest of the Democrat Party would rush to the border, lock arms in a human chain stretching from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico in a “Custer’s Last Stand” attempt to keep illegals the hell out.

Metaphorical, of course — but don’t think for a minute they wouldn’t do it they thought it would work.


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