CNN Trots out Carl Bernstein to Take 'Trump Derangement Syndrome' to a Whole New Level

As Yoda might say, “Deep at CNN, Trump Derangement Syndrome runs.”

From Donnie Lemón to Fredo Cuomo to Brian “Mr. Potato Head” Stelter and beyond, “The Most Trusted Name in News” has singlehandedly almost turned stage 4 TDS into a clinically accepted mental disorder.


Having said as much, that doesn’t mean that CNN doesn’t continually attempt to raise (lower) the bar. Speaking of Mr. Potato Head, the host of CNN’s “Reliable Sources” [ROFL emoji), Jeff Zucker’s Mini-Me dusted off Carl Bernstein, of Watergate fame, for a segment on this week’s predictable episode.

“Shockingly,” Bernstein was up to the challenge to meet or exceed Humpty Dumpty’s weekly bilge.

Where to begin…

As Insider and others reported, ol’ Carl got snippy about Donald Trump right off the bat. Draping himself in his faux “intellectual political analyst” schtick, the old Nixon-hater tore into Trump over his alleged actions during the COVID pandemic and the January 6 breach of the U.S. Capitol, calmly telling Mr. Potato Head:

“I think we need to calmly step back and maybe look at Trump in a different context: He is America’s, our own American war criminal. Of a kind we’ve never experienced before.”

No word if Mini-Me wet his pants, but he interrupted — in delight:

“You just said ‘war criminal.’ What do you mean war criminal?”

Then Bernstein went full-metal stage 4 TDS:

“I did. In international law, there have been, quote, ‘crimes against humanity.’ I think what we’re talking about, Trump’s crimes as an American war criminal in his own country, that he has perpetrated upon our people, including the tens of thousands of people who died because of his homicidal negligence in the pandemic, putting his own electoral interests above the health of our people as they were slaughtered in this pandemic.”


And as CNN likes to brag, “THIS… Is CNN… The Most Trusted Name in News.” In a nutshell. [Pun intended.] Media Research Center said it best:

“CNN thinks they’re the reasonable channel. Then they put on Crazy Pants Bernstein calling Trump a war criminal.”

The Most Trusted Name in News™ was unavailable for comment.

How does a rational person react to that?

And CNN still can’t figure out why — after its four-year sugar-high of “Satan” in the White House — its pathetic ratings continue to swirl down the left-wing toilet at an ever-increasing clip.

Bernstein launched into a similarly ridiculous riff on the storming of the Capitol.

“Looking at his actions in terms of fomenting a coup to hold on to office, in which the head of the American military, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has now compared Trump — not the press, not reporters comparing Trump — to Hitler, but rather the head of the American military comparing him and his movement to brownshirts, to the Reichstag fire.”


Uh-huh, Carl. Same chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff — Mark Milley — as we reported, who embarrassed the men and women under his command with his unbelievable — but not — defense of the insanity of Marxist-derived Critical Race Theory during a hearing with House lawmakers, last month.

As we also reported, Milley has since said the U.S. Military “should never get involved in domestic politics,” — only to promptly “step in it” again. Excellent “proof source,” Carl. Try again.

Stage 4 Trump Derangement Syndrome. It’s a beautiful thing. I’d miss it. The entertainment.


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