Shelby Steele Calls BS on the Left: 'This Is Not a Systematically Racist Society'

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In addition to loathing Black conservatives in general, the Left is terrified of conservative Black intellectuals who not only see through the rhetoric, dishonest narrative, and the Democrat Party’s exploitation of Black America — which the Democrats have done for more than six decades — but are also able to effectively articulate that exploitation and have a large enough megaphone to get people’s attention.


Academic economists Thomas Sowell and the late Walter E. Williams are perfect examples. Conservative author, columnist, and political commentator Shelby Steele is another brilliant example. During a Friday appearance on Fox News “Primetime,” the senior fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution demonstrated perfectly why he’s among those who terrify the Left.

Dismissing claims that America is a “systemically racist” society, Steele told host Brian Kilmeade that the opposite is true and that Gwen Berry’s Olympic trials protest stunt — during which she turned her back during the playing of the national anthem — was 60 years too late.

“Here’s the thing that is so fascinating to me about today: All the things that we protested back then are over with. We are as free as you can possibly be free. We have enjoyed freedom now for some 50 or so years.

Our problem has been a lack of development. We haven’t developed commensurate with the new freedom that we want for ourselves, and so we are still behind.

“What frustrates me today when I see someone like Gwen Berry protesting at the Olympics is that, honey, you are 60 years too late. Protest is not going to develop black America. Black America is going to have to develop itself.”


Perfect virtual mic drop moment. Drop the mic, tell the Left, “Thanks for playing,” and walk off the stage.

Steele also talked about responsibility, the “word that shall not be spoken” — because it runs counter to the entire Black Lives Matter, Critical Race Theory, systemic racism, white supremacy narrative.

“We want certainly with the goodwill of other people, but it’s our responsibility to develop it. So, to get on the winning stand and pretend that you are somehow a victim of racism and so forth is horrible. It’s an abomination. It really sends exactly the wrong message to society.

“And there is — the point is there is no racial discrimination behind it. This is not a systemically racist society. It is a systemically goodwill toward black people society. People in this country are rooting for us. They are not holding us back. They want us to do well. And that’s what George Foreman’s message is the one I think that endures because of that.”

Another devastating mic drop moment — against the ridiculous “systemic racism” narrative. And another example of why conservative Blacks who call BS on the BS are viewed as a threat by the Left.


In an earlier article titled Noted Constitutional Scholar Sunny Hostin of ‘The View’: 2nd Amendment ‘Designed to Protect Slavery’, I wrote the following:

Not only will people like Sunny Hostin, Joy Reid, Don Lemon, and others, never stop making crap up to support their various narratives; they will never understand that they do far more harm than good by constantly playing the race card; the victim card — about everything that ails Black America.

The Democrat Party as a whole does the same thing. If nothing is ever “your” fault — if you are always a “victim,” you are absolved of any and all wrongdoing or responsibility because of “systemic racism.” Everything wrong in your life is caused by “racist white people.”

It’s one thing for an “old conservative white guy” to say the above. It’s quite another for a Black conservative intellectual to say it. And ironically, it is the majority of Black America who most loathes people like Thomas Sowell, Walter E. Williams, and Shelby Steele. The best example — and funniest — that comes to mind is the former head of the New Black Panther Party, Malik Zulu Shabazz, who in 2011 called then-president Barack Obama a “bamboozling buck-dancing Tom.”

“And his wife should leave the n****r tonight, he railed. “She should walk out.”


“We’ve held back on this Negro for a long time. Done held back on him and tried to hope that the nature of the black man would somehow come to reality. And he caved in like a punk.”

Obama’s sin, in Zulu Shabazz’s eyes? “He represents the white man. He represents the ideology of the white man. He represents the policies of the white man.”

Needless to say, Malik Zulu Shabazz was given a complete pass by the Left for his disgusting comments. But when Black conservatives like Shelby Steele speak the truth?

They are to be dismissed, ignored, or destroyed.


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