We're Shocked: Tokyo Olympics to Allow New Level of 'Protesting'

(AP Photo/Koji Sasahara, File)

Yeah, who knew? As reported by The Washington Times and others, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has announced that it will “loosen its restrictions on protests and political expression” for the upcoming games in Japan.

Translation: Unsurprisingly, the IOC caved in to the “woke.”

Unsurprisingly, the nonsense has already begun in America, with idiotic Gwen Berry turning her back on the American flag in protest after she won a spot on the U.S. team with a third-place finish in the hammer throw during U.S. Olympic Trials in Eugene, Oregon, last month.

Speaking of ‘the above,” and, of course, not to question her — ahem — “sincerity,” but as my RedState colleague Nick Arama noted, her National Anthem stunt might have been nothing more than “an act.”

Anyway, as The Washington Times reported, “amid growing pressure from activist athletes around the world,” the IOC action comes as leagues like the NBA and WNBA (along with pathetically prostrating NFL commissioner Roger Goodell) have “embraced athlete demonstrations,” and “the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee in December relaxed some of its rules against political expression during competition or on the podium.”

Ridiculous? Of course. But it has been, from the beginning.

As is the case with Hollywood Looney Tunes — who could not be more full of their arrogant selves if they tried, bless their little pretend lives — what do sports have to do with pretend “whatever”? Somewhat rhetorical, but, please — nobody cares what you think. No, really.

Check this out from Dr. Amy Bass, a professor of sports studies at Manhattanville College and the author of the book, “Not the Triumph but the Struggle: the 1968 Olympic Games and the Making of the Black Athlete,” as transcribed by The Washington Times:

“With the rise of athlete activism, in the U.S. in particular, and the new loosened rules, Tokyo is likely to see as many memorable protests as it is world records, some observers predict.

“What we do know is that a re-emergence of the activist athlete is vocal and powerful. Whether that translates into the Olympic Games, we will have to wait and see.”

Uh-huh. We’ll “wait and see. Just like “we” (sans me) “wait and see” whether or not every award show in America is dominated by “vocal and powerful” nonsense.

IOC AC Chair Kirsty Coventry said in a statement:

“While the guidelines offer new opportunities for athletes to express themselves prior to the competition, they preserve the competitions on the Field of Play, the ceremonies, the victory ceremonies and the Olympic Village. This was the wish of a big majority of athletes in our global consultation.”

Of course, it was “the wish of a big majority of athletes” in your “global consultation.” Quick question: How many of those athletes are women who will now get their asses kicked by screwed-up biological men pretending to be women?

According to the Washington Times report, the IOC said in a release that each protest incident will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. The considerations as to repercussions — or the lack thereof — could include the degree of disruption or whether another athlete complained about the expression. Translation: Reality and the public be damned.

In addition to Gwen Berry’s nonsense at the U.S. Olympic Trial in Eugene, Oregon, sprinter Noah Lyles raised a gloved fist before his 100-meter final at the trials. His “justification”?

“We’re still dying in the streets. Just because we stopped talking about it in the news or just because the Olympics are going on, doesn’t mean it’s not happening. I am black.”

And I am white. Who cares? As has been the case with everything from the Academy Awards to the Grammys, I can’t wait to not watch, morons. “Protest” yourselves silly.