HOT TAKES: Old Pic of Gwen Berry Has Trump, Jr, Others Asking if Anthem Response Was Act

AP Photo/David J. Phillip

Olympic hammer thrower Gwen Berry got a lot of attention when she turned her back during the playing of the national anthem at the Olympic trials in Eugene, Oregon. Not only did she turn her back, but she also took a black t-shirt that said “activist athlete” and draped it over her head.

Berry later complained that the anthem was played just to be disrespectful to her, as though that’s something any official would be thinking about.

Hey, it doesn’t have to make sense, right? It’s a political tantrum. Or so it appeared.

But now, an old picture of Berry has gone viral and is raising a lot of questions from people about her true beliefs. The picture was from her own website, posted in June 2015, when she was trying to make the Olympic team at that time. Looks like she may have forgotten to wipe this picture. But it seems now to have been pulled after it went viral. It shows her standing proudly holding up the American flag behind her.

Some are now wondering if her actions were all an act.

Now, it’s possible that her thoughts may have evolved over time. Or it’s possible that when she was trying to make the Olympic team she was putting on a front with that picture in order to make the team and she doesn’t feel so inclined anymore. But she did have it on her website until it was taken down sometime over the past day.

Berry also raised a fist at the Olympic trials and previously had done the same after winning the gold at the 2019 Pan American games. For that, she was suspended. But the U.S. Olympic Committee reversed that in March and said people could “protest” at the games, including raising fists and kneeling. Berry even demanded that they give her an apology, and USOPC CEO Sarah Hirshland complied.

Whatever her intent, it’s clear that she was aiming for attention and she got it.

The fact is that the Olympic team doesn’t need the twisted response, the drama, or the radical leftist politics that are actually not in keeping with the alleged Olympic rules against politics. Is it really that hard to pick an athlete who wants to represent America? Who doesn’t want to make the team and go, just to make a spectacle of herself and attack the U.S.?

But the real problem isn’t even Berry per se. It’s that the U.S. team thinks this is just great now and doesn’t have an issue with selecting her to the team.