Ric Grenell Says It: 'Europeans Are Doing a Very Good Job of Playing' a 'Very Weak Biden'

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Ease up on Joe, people. Give him a break. As he said yesterday, he’s “only had 120 days, man, need time.” Yeah, well, one wonders whether the other G-7 leaders agree, along with Turkish strongman Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and then, of course, Russian President Vladimir Putin. The answer of course is no. They don’t give a damn, Joe. And like the “good Europeans” they are, they will take advantage of the United States at every opportunity.


We’ve closely reported on Biden’s gaffe-tastic performance at the G-7 summit and the meeting of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, “highlighting” a few of his “greatest hits.”

Now, enter former ambassador to Germany under President Donald Trump, Ric Grenell, who on Monday told Newsmax’s “John Bachman Now” that “Europeans are doing a very good job of playing him” — and Biden loves every minute of it.

“The problem that we have now is we have a very weak president who values happy talk, who values people clapping for him.”

Even worse: Not only does Biden value “happy talk” — he mistakes it as respect.

Grenell, who also served as acting director of national intelligence during the Trump administration, pointed to what he called a “horrifying” clip of Biden sitting with world leaders and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson “literally putting his hand over (to Biden) multiple times to tell him ‘there, there, Joe, we’ve got this.'”

“It’s ignoring our president,” Grenell told Newsmax. “It’s a clear sign of disrespect.”


And Biden not only remains clueless to their reaction but also continues to think he’s knocking the ball out of the park.

Grenell talked somewhat at length about the importance of NATO — and Turkey’s membership in it. Via Newsmax:

Biden will meet with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan Monday, and Grenell said Turkey poses a tough challenge when it comes to its continued membership in NATO, considering it has bought Russian missiles from Russia.

“Turkey is a member of NATO and we have a treaty obligation,” said Grenell. “NATO is the most successful organization in the history of the world.”

At the same time, Turkey can get some vital intelligence as a member of NATO, which is a concern, said Grenell.

“You’ve got to have an American president who stays very firm and uses leverage with the Turks,” said Grenell.

“President Trump had a difficult relationship with the Turks because he was constantly pushing them, using his leverage to get them to not get so close to Russia. It was a difficult task, one of the most difficult tasks that we faced in the Trump administration.”

Meanwhile, NATO has been successful, but it is struggling because wealthy nations, especially Germany, aren’t paying their fair share for defense, said Grenell, noting that Trump pushed for the other nations to contribute more.


And Biden? From the body language of the other leaders and Biden’s deference to the Europeans — “Utopia” in the eyes of the left — is there even a question? Hell, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has even appeared to own Joe; one can only imagine how Erdogan will play him. And Putin? Rhetorical questions.

And with Biden’s detached-from-reality Secretary of State Antony Blinken flying wingman for Joe? Again, rhetorical.


Finally, Grinell contrasted the differences between Trump’s performances at the G-7 and NATO meetings and those of Biden. Again, via Newsmax:

“Let’s just be very clear that diplomacy is a tactic. It’s not a goal. Our goal isn’t to have meetings. Diplomacy is how you get to your goal, and the Europeans are fantastic at playing Joe Biden, putting him in the chair as one of the leaders but ignoring him and playing him and complimenting him and the Biden team falls for it.

“The administration also keeps pushing the message that America is back, that the ‘world loves us’ and that Europe loves that Biden ’embraces all of that pomp and circumstance.’

“The reality is, though, that one must hold diplomacy to results. Did you get what you want? Did the United States get what you want?

“Europe, though, is getting what it wants, with Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline, unfettered access to China,” and more troops while “not having to pay their fair share.”


Well, look at that. “Fair share.” Joe? I know; give you time, man — it’s only been 120 days. We’ll wait.

And Ric Grenell? “I could go on and on, on the list of things and you know who else is really happy with Joe Biden ― Vladimir Putin,” he said.



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