'Racial Literacy Curriculum': An Organized Plan to Indoctrinate America's Children

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The Democrat Party is fond of labeling conservative support — or rejection — of so-called “progressive” ideology, causes, and legislation as “the war.” “The war on women.” “The war on poverty.” “The war on immigration.” “The war on” whatever floats their boat.

Time to reverse the tables. Let’s talk about a “real war,” this one waged by the left:

“The war on whiteness.” And as it relates to this article, “the war on white children” — a war waged against our school-age kids by the left, in an organized manner.

In an article last week about Sesame Street’s announcement of two new Muppets — a black 5-year-old boy and his father —  I reported on the purpose of the two black Muppets: to teach the other Muppets about so-called “racial literacy.” Here’s a short snippet:

“The show’s two newest characters, 5-year-old Wes and his father Elijah will offer a lesson on race, Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit behind the iconic children’s show, announced this week.

“The show launched several new “ABC’s of Racial Literacy” resources to teach parents and children about race and racism. In one video, Elmo wants to know why his friend Wes’s skin is brown. Wes’s dad, Elijah, explains melanin.”

That should do the trick. Explaining melanin.

The “Muppet caper” is just one example of the left’s concerted effort to force its notion of “racial literacy” on America’s kids — specifically America’s white kids.

In reference to his op-ed on Ammo.com titled American Education: Child Indoctrination, Struggle Sessions and Debt Slavery, Sam Jacobs wrote for Moonbattery:

“Generations of far-left indoctrination have created a critical mass of Americans openly hostile toward American values and the very notion of liberty itself. […]

“American youth, since at least the 1960s, with significant acceleration in the 1980s, have been indoctrinated with hostility toward Western civilization in general, with the obvious corollaries of hostility toward whites, the nuclear family, Christianity, private property, and men.”

I’ve written several articles on “Critical Race Theory,” and its insidious spread through federal government agencies, major corporations, and America’s public school systems, among other organizations. In a word, CRT is “wokification on steroids.”

Racial Literacy Curriculum

Now, a company called “Pollyanna” [how inappropriate] has applied the radical anti-white theory to its “Racial Literacy Curriculum,”  which it describes thusly on its website:

Pollyanna’s K-8 Racial Literacy Curriculum launched summer 2019 and the team that worked on it was creative, dedicated and diligent. Led by curriculum specialist and former teacher Monique Vogelsang, the Curriculum is designed to help students gain knowledge about race as it has been constructed in the United States. [And how is that?]

For children and adults living in the United States, race is a topic of great impact, and importance. Even though “race” dominates our media and news cycles, our sense of identity and psyche, race is often not comprehensively taught in school, nor do all households proactively speak about it.

[In other words, kiddies, your parents might not teach you about “race” the way we believe you should be taught, so we’re going to do it for them.]

Many have questions, such as how and when to discuss race and how to maintain and embrace unity while doing so.

A team of educators from Pollyanna have created a comprehensive and innovative Parent/Guardian Companion Guide to share essential knowledge about race, and how to engage in productive conversations about race and racism.

Here are a few “Pollyanna-ish” bullet points about the racial “curriculum.”

To encourage kindness, bravery, and empathy when exploring and better understanding the cultural and racial diversity of local and global communities.

To develop more inclusive and positive perspective of self, others, and the larger world in regard to race, ethnicity, and culture.

To analyze history and other social assertions that fabricate myths of innate racial superiority, in order to dispel myopic, discriminatory perspectives of race.

[Based on whose interpretation of history and social assertions?

[Based on whose interprertation of “discriminatory perspectives of race”? Black Live Matter? Michael Eric Dyson? Louis Farrakhan? Malik Zulu Shabazz? MSNBC’s resident lunatic, Joy Reid?]

To analyze race as a primary institution of the United States.

To critique the biological fallacy of race, while simultaneously unpacking its social truths. [Oh, please.]

And summaries of “lessons” [indoctrination sessions] during the first three years.

Kindergarten: “The Physical World Around Us — A Celebration of Skin Colors”

The full collection of Racial Literacy Kindergarten lessons focuses on the physical world––including an introduction to colors––and celebrates our physical selves and identities, especially our skin colors.

Picture books will be used as the primary method to launch discussions about how we assign labels for the visual world.

[Will kindergarteners also be taught about racist labels the left slaps on white Americans?]

Grade 1: “We Are Part of a Larger Community – Encouraging Kindness, Social Awareness, and Empathy”

[Except for conservative blacks, conservative women, conservative members of the LGBTQ community, and every other group the left deems required to live on the Liberal Plantation but refuses to do so.]

Grade 1 lessons are designed to actively build a positive sense of self and expand students’ social awareness in an effort to create a more open-minded, inclusive community –– one that celebrates diversity.

To enhance communication and social skills, classroom discussions and activities aim to examine the roles we play in larger groups and the impact we can have on the well-being of our peers in the classroom, as well as the larger community beyond school walls.

Aspects of our identities will be explored, such as our names, neighborhoods, and cultures/ethnicities, with the goal of developing a sense of pride and a positive awareness of others.

An underlying theme is the idea that despite differences, we also share similarities, with the binding force of humanity being love –– or our capacity for respect, kindness, acceptance, and empathy.

[“Love, respect, kindness, acceptance, empathy.” You mean what is being demonstrated “as we speak” by Biden*, Nancy Pelosi, the entirety of the Democrat Party and their liberal media sock puppets against conservative “differences”?]

Grade 2: “Diversity Around the World – How Our Geography and Our Daily Lives Connect Us”

Grade 2 lessons use nonfiction and fiction texts to explore the role and impact geography has on our lives, including the development of culture. … [S]tudents will learn more about how people live around the world, as well as the experiences they themselves bring into the classroom.

By investigating aspects of our daily lives and routines––housing, clothing, hobbies, traditions, family, food, etc.––students will understand the interconnectedness of humans and the environment, or how our physical and cultural space shapes us and vice versa.

With a focus on celebrating differences and recognizing similarities, an ultimate goal is for students to apply a lens of inclusivity while expanding their sense of self and awareness of our larger world––which is a big, diverse place, filled with beauty and commonality.

Call me a cynic but this is complete crap — in the sense that the “lessons” are written and controlled by the left; controlled based solely on a predisposed ideology that includes the role of “white Americans” as “white supremacists” who have forced “systematic racism” on people of color since the Founding of America.

Grades 3-8, by title (click here for summaries of each):

Grade 3: “Stories of Activism – How One Voice Can Change a Community (and Bridge the World)”

Grade 4: “The Development of Civilization – How Geography Gave Some Populations a Head Start (Dispelling Myths of Racial Superiority)”

Grade 5: “How “Immigration” Shaped the Racial and Cultural Landscape of the United States — The Persecution, Resistance, and Contributions of Immigrants and Enslaved People

Grade 6: “The Historical Construction of Race and Current Racial Identities Throughout U.S. Society – The Danger of a Single Story”

Grade 7: “What is Race? – How Science, Society, and the Media (Mis)represent Race”

Grade 8: “Racism as a Primary “Institution” of the U.S. – How We May Combat Systemic Inequality”

I have a “lesson” for parents with young children, as well: Teach your children.

That includes teaching them to be comfortable with telling you everything that goes on in school. Explain to them that teachers —while they “mean well” — are not always right. Pay attention to what they’re being “taught.” If possible, remove them from public schools — which are steadily being converted to racial-indoctrination centers — that “teach” this left-wing “curriculum.”

If we learned anything from months and months of rioting by Black Lives Matter Marxists and Antifa anarchists, it is that some of those who “teach” our children have an entirely different agenda than we ever imagined — not all that long ago.

Just my opinion, of course.