CNN's Don Lemon Suffers Apoplectic Meltdown Over Sen. Tim Scott's 'Woke Supremacy' Comments to Trey Gowdy

The only thing more fun than watching “CNN Tonight” anchor Don Lemon lose his mind over “something awful” a conservative said or did is writing about “CNN Tonight” anchor Don Lemon losing his mind over “something awful” a conservative said or did. And if, perchance, that conservative is black? We’re talking pay-per-view-quality entertainment.


I sometimes stop by online liberal rags to check out their ridiculous (and often hilarious) takes on the day’s goings-on. One such online liberal rag is Mediaite, which I visited, Wednesday night. There, in all its indignant featured-story glory, was the following headline.

WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!’ Don Lemon ERUPTS on Sen. Tim Scott for ‘Gaslighting’ About Threat of ‘Woke Supremacists’

Impressive, right? It gets better.

There’s nothing hyperbolic in that headline. Lemon did erupt over an observation the South Carolina Republican made to “Fox News Primetime” host and former South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy in reference to the constant “white supremacy” drumbeat of the left.

As I reported Tuesday, Gowdy used his blistering opening monologue on Monday to reduce MSNBC host Joy Reid to a smoldering heap of race-baiting hypocrisy, after she dismissed Scott’s opposition to a $15 minimum wage. Reid being Reid:

“Gotta love Tim Scott standing there to rub the patina of diversity over that round of words, that basketful of words.”

Gowdy was livid — video of his opening is in the above link — but when Scott came on the show, the topic was the minimum wage, about which Reid took her all-too-customary race-hustling shot at Scott.


“Woke Supremacy is just as bad as white supremacy.”

Bo Snerdley (whose real name is James Golden), Rush Limbaugh’s long-time call-screener and producer, loved every minute of it.

Don Lemon, however, did not. Let’s pick up the story from Mediaite, shall we? You know, for “objectivity” purposes.

Lemon began his rant by recalling the nation’s long, sordid history of slavery, growing incensed at how “people can be so ignorant.” And then he trained his sights on Scott.

“Tim Scott is the only black — the only — only — Black Republican in the Senate,” Lemon noted, not hiding his exasperation. “Telling Fox News — of course Fox News — that what he calls ‘woke supremacy’ is as bad as white supremacy.’”

“Do you want to explain who these woke supremacists are?” Lemon said, addressing Scott directly.

“I’ve never seen a woke supremacist lynching anybody. Never saw a woke supremacist denying anybody access to housing or a job or education or voting rights. Never seen any woke supremacists enslaving anybody. Never saw any woke supremacists trying to keep people from marrying amongst different races.”

Uh-huh, Don. Ever seen “woke supremacists” try their damnedest to burn cities across America to the ground? Destroy the livelihoods of innumerable hard-working people? Indiscriminately shoot and kill police officers as they who attempt to keep “peaceful protests” from getting even worse? We have.


The further Lemon went, the more apoplectic he became. Our pals at Mediaite:

“Come on, Tim Scott! Lemon suddenly shouted. “I didn’t see any woke supremacists storming the blanking Capitol. Where are the woke supremacists attacking police?

“Where are the woke supremacists hunting people in the halls of the Capitol and beating them with Blue Lives Matter signs with white supremacist insignia on their shirts?

“Guess who I saw. Guess who police officers were beaten by. Guess who wanted to hang the vice president. White supremacists, Tim Scott! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!”

As Lemon neared self-immolation, he ended with this:

“This is ridiculous! You are gaslighting people. You are giving people misinformation. What are you doing, brother?! What are you doing? What are you doing? You’re not helping.”

What Don Lemon and the entirety of the “woke” left fail to understand — they never will, on purpose — is that courageous, principled people like Tim Scott — of all colors — are not the problem facing Black America. And contrary to the ill-founded rantings of Don Lemon and others, they are exactly trying to help.

The real problem is the left and its dishonest narrative. A narrative in which every one of them is fully invested. And when a black man or woman comes along with the audacity to refuse to believe what “black folk” are “supposed to believe” — solely determined, in their eyes, by the color of their skin? They are terrified.


They are terrified of black conservatives who refuse to live on the liberal plantation. They are terrified that their narrative will one day be destroyed. And they are terrified by the knowledge that when that happens, they will be destroyed right along with it.

To that end, the left will do everything they can to try to keep it from happening.

There, my liberal friends, is your systemic racism.


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