Trey Gowdy Rips MSNBC Race-Hustler Joy Reid a New One for Cheap Racist Shot at 'Too Good a Person' SC Sen. Tim Scott

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Fox News host Trey Gowdy tore into MSNBC’s despicable race-baiter Joy Reid during his opening monologue on “Fox News Primetime” on Monday for her racist comments about South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott. While Gowdy and “Timmy,” as he sometimes calls the senator, served in Congress together, they are also close friends.


Scott is too good a person to respond,” Gowdy said, adding: “But I am not.” Game on.

The normally-stoic former congressman grew emotional, at times — as he shredded Reid and defended his friend.

“Good evening and welcome to Fox News Primetime,” Gowdy began. “You know I wanted to start with something hopeful and something happy, this evening.

“And then ironically enough a woman named “Joy” forced me to go in another direction. Joy Reid, that is, from MSNBC.

“In what was supposed to be a segment about the minimum wage, she could not resist taking a shot at United States Senator Tim Scott,” Gowdy bega. This what she said.”

After playing a clip of Sen. John Thune (R-SD) explaining Republican opposition to a $15 minimum wage as part of the $1.9-trillion COVID stimulus passed in the House, with Scott standing behind him, bottom-feeder Reid said:

“Gotta love Tim Scott standing there to rub the patina of diversity over that round of words, that basketful of words.”

Ooh, she worked in a reference to Hillary’s deplorables, too. Nicely done.

Let the shredding begin.

“A ‘patina of diversity.’ To save you the trouble of looking that word up, a patina is a superficial cover. It’s her way of calling Sen. Scott a prop — or a token. But she’d done that, too, in past, Gowdy said — before playing a short clip to prove it.


Gowdy then observed the obvious about a party whose hypocrisy knows no bounds.

“For a party and a media that claim to love civility and public discourse, and rooting out the hot political rhetoric, and finding some unity, she has a really weird way of showing it — like ignoring policy debates and engaging in personal attacks.”

C,mon, Trey — you know when Democrats talk about “unity,” “a time to heal,” “tolerance,” et al. they are talking about us, only. Tolerance to the left is our side doing the tolerating — if not outright embracing — everything they believe. If not, the ad hominem attacks begin.

Then Gowdy laid out a few of Tim Scott’s qualifications in respect to the minimum wage, tax reform, and other issues.

“If Joy Reid knew anything about Tim Scott, she would understand full well why he would be participating in a press conference on the minimum wage.

“If she knew anything about Tim Scott, she would understand why he is frequently front and center in major policy debates in Washington.

“Tim Scott was one of three U.S. Senators chosen to work on the tax reform legislation because he made himself an expert on the issue, not because he is black.”

“And yet, at a press conference about tax reform,” Gowdy said, “yet another woke liberal referred to him as a prop.”


As a former federal prosecutor, Gowdy cited his own experiences with law enforcement, while explaining that Scott has been at the forefront of police reform legislation.

“He also knows the power of a justice system that is respected and worthy of respect. He knows the anguish of officer-involved shootings and he knows the pain and the grief spouses of police officers feel because he is the first one to call a surviving spouse of a dead police officer.

“He was at the forefront of this debate because he has lived this debate in a way that very few other United States senators ever have or ever will.

“You know, Kamala Harris and Cory Booker were part of that national debate as well. But neither one of them was called a token by liberal Senator Dick Durbin. But Tim Scott was.”

Gowdy zeroed back in on Reid.

“When she calls a United States senator, who’s a subject matter expert a prop, a token, or a superficial covering, that’s personal and that’s wrong. And she should be held to account.”

“In short, Tim Scott is too good of a person to respond to the likes of Joy Reid, but I am not.

“Tim Scott is a United States senator who worked his tail off to be part of nearly every significant policy conversation this country has.

“He can stand wherever the hell he wants to stand and any group he wants to stand with because he has earned the right to be there.”

“The fact that you see a black man as a prop, Joy Reid, says a lot more about you than it does about Tim Scott,” Gowdy concluded.


Scott was then Gowdy’s first guest. After the host told the senator he was too good a man to get down into the dirt with Joy Reid — incidentally, never wrestle with a pig in the mud; you both get dirty and the pig loves every minute of it — he suggested they should talk about the $1.9 trillion “Pelosi Payoff” (COVID) bill.

Before that happened, Scott made the comment of the segment:

“Woke supremacy is just as bad as white supremacy.”

Scott drops mic, walks off stage.

The South Carolinian tweeted another truth, Tuesday morning.

“Unfortunately, I have become accustomed to hearing casual racism and insults from the “tolerant” Left. For a party and movement that claims to embrace diversity and tolerance, they sure seem to hate hearing my story or hearing my perspective.”

Of course they do, Senator Scott. Everything you are and everything you stand for destroys their racist narrative.

The bottom line.

Paramount among the concerns of Democrat lawmakers and race-hustlers like Joy Reid is that their “black” narrative will be exposed and ultimately destroyed. And people like Tim Scott, Clarence Thomas, Shelby Steele, and countless other high-profile successful black Americans are a potentially mortal threat to that narrative.


Know why? The ugly little secret is twofold: Democrats know as well as we do that they pander to black America — they’ve done it for six decades — and exploit the every-loving crap out blacks — solely with an eye on the ballot box.

Second, they know, they know we know, and they know we know they know that there is no way in hell they want black America to achieve the hollow utopian promises made by Democrats, year after year, election after election, decade after decade. Know why?

Because — think about it — black Americans en masse would no longer dutifully and blindly vote Democrat. What reason would they have?


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