Media Rushes to Parrot New Talking Point About How Long COVID Pandemic Could Last; Spoiler: A Long Time

AP Photo/Lynne Sladky

As a political junkie, I’ve always been amused by Democrat talking points. Not unlike when gas stations all change their prices at the same time — the stations deny collusion but you know they’re lying — when a hot new talking point comes out, the media is all over it in a flash, oblivious to the fact that we know the word has gone out.

Such is the media’s hot new take on COVID, as reported by our friends over at Twitchy.

The Left and their liberal media sock puppets have histrionically hyped COVID from the beginning, hellbent on scaring the ever-loving crap out of America, in part by milking it as long as they can. No doubt they’d hype it in perpetuity if they could get away with it.

Welp, it might not be perpetuity, but the cry has gone out, America: the pandemic could be with us for more than seven more years — at the current vaccination rate.

OK I’m confused.

One of the bald-faced lies campaign pledges Biden ran on was his “already-in-place plan” to fight the pandemic, unlike Trump, he lied even more said, who didn’t even have a plan.

Moreover, here’s a guy who, after just two weeks in office, declared on Thursday “America is back.” If America can be “back” in little more than two weeks, and Joe came into office with a plan in hand, why are we talking seven-plus years? (Hypothetical question.)

Anyway, as reported by the New York Post, a new “calculation” from Bloomberg is the source of the liberal media’s newest COVID talking point.

It’ll be a long, seven years before the COVID-19 pandemic is over worldwide if vaccine distribution continues at its current rate, a calculation from Bloomberg shows.

The media outlet, which said it built the “biggest database” of COVID-19 inoculations given across the globe, crunched the numbers and found it could take most of a decade to reach herd immunity if distribution doesn’t ramp up for two-dose vaccines.

Dr. Anthony Fauci has said 70-85 percent of the population will need the vaccine in order to achieve herd immunity and while the US is on track to reach that goal by the New Year in 2022, it could take countries like Canada ten years at their current pace.

Speaking of emerging and infectious diseases “expert” Tony Fauci, no Super Bowl parties, America. Besides, think about how bad you’d feel if your house became the epicenter of a “mini superspreader.”

More than 119 million doses have been delivered worldwide, Bloomberg said, but its tracker shows some countries, mostly “rich” and “Western,” are reaching 75% coverage much faster than others. (Why do I get the feeling Biden will use this data to crank up his wealth-redistribution machine a notch or ten and start spending billions of taxpayer dollars on vaccines for “developing” countries like a drunken sailor?)

The calculations are, of course, “volatile,” Bloomberg explained, “especially with a [vaccine] rollout that’s just a few months old and still marred with supply disruptions.”

A Jerry Nadler parody account had a question about Bloomberg’s “model.”

“Conservative Masshole” thinks we’re getting trolled, America.

And finally, Jessica O’Donnell, the social media editor for The Blaze, thinks it all “sounds very apocalypsy.” That it does. Purposely so.

As I said at the top, the Left made “COVID panic” one of its top priorities from the outset of the pandemic. It’s all about power and control, and they intend to milk COVID as long as they’re allowed to get away with it.

Perfect example: as Inside Climate [rolling-eyes emoji] put it, “COVID-19 and climate change will remain inextricably linked,” in a recent article citing ridiculous parallels between the two.

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