Biden Declares 'America Is Back'; Mike Pompeo Promptly Burns Joe AND His Claim to the Ground

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One of the benefits of being a Democrat — in the eyes of the Democrats, that is — is the magical ability to simply declare something, and just by virtue of having declared it, it’s true. Or false, as the case may be. Although, some of us call that “delusional.”


And when you’re a Democrat named Joe Biden who thinks Corn Pop was a bad dude and every American has a right to “badakathcare,” it’s even easier. Case in point:

After a little more than two weeks in office, Biden on Thursday proudly declared:

America is back.”

See how easy that was? Here’s a short clip from Brian “There I Was” Williams:

Simply read “America is back” from a teleprompter and voilà — America is back!

Joe Biden, in all of his glory, has wrested control of America from Donald Trump — the Devil’s spawn — and his evil intentions, and in so doing, has rescued the citizenry of The Great Republic from the unspeakable horrors of Trumpageddon.

Before we get to “back from where?” and other relevant questions, Biden on Thursday delivered what The Washington Post called his “first major foreign policy speech,” in which he “recommitted the U.S. to global alliances.” In other words, globalism is back.

During his “first major foreign policy speech” at the State Department, Biden also managed to work in comments about the “insurrection,” as reported by WaPo. Brackets, mine.


“We will repair our alliances and engage with the world once again, not to meet yesterday’s challenges, but today’s and tomorrow’s,” Biden said during an address at the State Department that attempted to turn the page on isolationism [America first] and restore diplomacy [globalism] as the tool of choice. [Wait — who’s the “tool”?]

“America is back. Diplomacy is back,” Biden said, vowing that the United States will rebound from the attempted insurrection at the U.S. Capitol [yeah, no] last month “stronger, more determined and better-equipped to unite the world in fighting to defend democracy because we have fought for it ourselves.”

And of course, by “we have fought for it ourselves,” he wasn’t talking about the Revolutionary War; he was milking the “insurrection” at the Capitol for the millionth time.

So, let’s get back to that “America is back” declaration. From where? To where? Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had thoughts.

During an appearance on “Fox News Primetime,” Pompeo shared those thoughts with host Trey Gowdy.

“Does he mean back to when ISIS controlled a caliphate in Syria that was the size of Britain? I hope not. President Trump and our team took that down.”


[Pompeo drops mic, walks off stage.]

The jab was perfect. For several reasons, not the least of which was the time Joe’s puppet master former boss Barack Obama declared ISIS — “ISIS,” as he insisted on calling the Islamist terrorist group — to be nothing more than a “jayvee team.” Remember?

“The analogy we use around here sometimes, and I think is accurate, is if a jayvee team puts on Lakers uniforms that doesn’t make them Kobe Bryant.”

That “jayvee team” became an international killing machine in less than two years, including gruesomely beheading Americans on video.

As transcribed by Blaze Media, Pompeo further described what a Biden presidency might very well mean in terms of America being “back.”

“When he says “back,” when America is back, does he mean back to letting China walk all over us, destroying millions of jobs in places like Kansas and South Carolina, that we know so well? I hope that’s not what he means by back.

“He talked about allies, when he said go back, does he mean back to dissing allies and friends like Israel and treating the terrorists in Iran like friends by giving them $150 billion in pallets of cash?

“I don’t think the American people can afford to go back to eight more years of Barack Obama’s foreign policy. I hope they’ll move forward with a foreign policy look much more like our ‘America First’ foreign policy.


From Biden’s ridiculous “China is not [sic] competition for us” nonsense, to Obama’s affinity for throwing Israel and Bibi Netanyahu under the bus as far and as often as he could, the “America is back” vision of these two clowns is the last thing America needs.

Here’s more of Pompeo’s interview with Trey Gowdy.

Incidentally, if you missed Trey Gowdy’s emotional tribute to America’s law enforcement officers on Tuesday, I encourage you to watch it. Watch: Trey Gowdy Delivers Emotional Tribute to Fallen Police Officers, Including One Who Changed His Life


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