All in the Family: Mad Maxine Waters Has Given Over $1M in Campaign Cash to Daughter

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“They do their business and I do mine. We are not bad people.”

Indeed they do. And then some. Those are the words of Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) in 2004, in reference to a report by the Los Angeles Times that found various Waters family members had pocketed a total of more than $1 million over eight years from businesses and campaigns with a connection to the congresswoman.


“Shockingly,” Waters “separated herself from any ties to those activities.”

Welp, that was then and this is now.

I don’t know whether Mad Maxine and her family are good people or “bad people,” but I do know it appears that 17 years later, the Trump Derangement Syndrome-riddled California Democrat and her family are still “doing business” their way, thank you very much.

As reported by Fox News on Saturday, Waters has given more than $1 million to her daughter through her campaigns since 2003, according to federal election data.

Of the roughly $1.1 million Karen Waters received from her mother, $250,000 came from the 2020 election cycle, as reported by the Federal Election Commission.

As Fox reported, Karen Waters organized slate-mailing operations, ostensibly to bolster her mother’s re-election chances. Slate-mailing, which consists of mass mailings (more than 200 substantially similar pieces of mail sent in a calendar month) that support or oppose a total of four or more candidates, is an uncommon practice in federal elections.


The kicker? Waters was reportedly the only federal politician to use a slate-mailer operation during the 2020 general election.

Hmm… lemme think this through for a minute.

Daughter dearest could use the cash — or maybe mommy dearest just wants to funnel it to her — so Mad Max creates what appears to be a bogus job — given that she was the only federal politician in the country to use it. Mission accomplished. Yep, I believe I’ve got it.

Additional details, via Fox News:

Waters made over 30 payments to her daughter during the 2020 campaign cycle, the funds largely going to Slate Mailer Management Fees. Though canvassing and office expenses were also listed in the FEC records.

There were another two payments directed to Karen Waters for “GOTV” services. Though details of what was involved in the operation are not listed, it is possible “GOTV” could stand for “Get out the vote.”

There [have been] over 160 payments funneled to Karen Waters from the California congresswoman since 2003, that the FEC has recorded.

Speaking of Mad Maxine, you ever realize how every time she makes headlines it’s never about anything good? Yeah, me too.

So Waters was back in the news, recently — actually something Waters said in 2018 was back in the news — as reported by my RedState colleague Jen Van Laar on Friday.


Long story, short — check out Jen’s article for the details — hateful comments Waters made about Trump officials in 2018 were “snagged” last week and attributed to Trump supporters making the comments about embattled New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, in an effort to demonstrate the hypocrisy of the Left. Spoiler: it worked.

Meanwhile, I kinda feel sorry for Mad Max.

You know, she’s been so pinched up from the nanosecond Trump was declared the winner over Hillary in 2016, with her “Impeach 45! Impeach 45! Impeach 45!” schtick, what’s she going to do with herself now that Trump’s gone?

Other than continuing to funnel campaign cash to her family, I mean.


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