Babylon Bee's Take on White House Press Corps' New 'Uniforms' Couldn't Be More ROFL Perfect

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While the thought of Joe Biden in the White House and the Democrats in control of both chambers of Congress is damn depressing — at least — for half of America, there’s a consolation prize for conservatives who write about politics, including our friends at The Babylon Bee, in my opinion, the best satire site on the Internet:

The next four years will be a target-rich environment if there ever was one. And for the writers at The Bee, pure comedy gold. Hence:

White House Press Corps Wears New Cheerleading Uniforms to Press Briefing

The key to good satire is its proximity to reality. And what could be closer to reality than sycophantic liberal media lapdogs slobbering all over Corn Pop’s pal and everything he does or says? Exactly as they did during the general election.

Here’s a taste, via the sting of The Bee:

WASHINGTON, D.C.—With a new administration taking over, the White House press corps marked the special occasion by wearing their newly issued uniforms: blue and white cheerleading outfits emblazoned with Biden’s name.

“Please don’t take this to mean we will not be fair and objective journalists during the Biden administration,” said Jim Acosta of CNN as he adjusted his skirt.

“We will continue to go after the president like we always have— wait… Joe Biden is coming! EEEEEEEEEEE!” Acosta then began to jump up and down, shaking his pom-poms.

Yeah, we know “Dear Diary” Acosta has been reassigned; just roll with it.

The press corps went wild as Press Secretary Jen Psaki entered the room. Three young reporters in the front row fainted. From the back row, NBC Correspondent Peter Alexander led the group in a cheer.

“Give me a B! Give me an I! Give me a D! Give me an E! Give me an N! What’s that spell? BIDEN!”

According to The Bee, Alexander said: “Yeah, we’re just having a bit of fun. We are very impartial and serious journalists. Trust us.”

The Sun Chronicle’s Donna Perry perfectly encapsulated the difference between the White House Press Corp’s treatment of Biden vs. Trump.

“Amazing to watch how the White House press corps especially the ⁦@nytimes ⁩M. Shear & others keep trying to steer Press Sec. ⁦@jrpsaki to take digs at GOP senators on first full day. The press looks kind of lost with no Trump team to fight.”

Get used to it, folks. Like Obama, like Biden.

The irony? The sock-puppet media actually does believe it’s “fair and balanced,” including CNN’s Jake Tapper, who, as my RedState colleague Nick Arama reported earlier in the week, compared  The Most Trusted Name in News™  [sarc] with other networks:

“There are channels in which lies are told and there are channels in which facts are told and people who want the lies, they don’t come here. They go to a different channel.”

Yep, poor delusion Jake really said that, bless his little TDS-riddled heart. With a straight face, no less. Meanwhile, be sure to check out the entire hilarious Bee piece, which you can do here, or via Bee “sting,” above.

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