Watch: Megyn Kelly: Biden's Call for Unity Is 'Nonsense'; The Left Has 'Awakened a Sleeping Giant'

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Former Fox News and NBC host Megyn Kelly, now the host of “The Megyn Kelly Show” podcast, knows what Joe Biden and the Democrats are trying to sell America — and she’s not buying it. In fact, says Megyn, it’s “all nonsense.”


During an appearance on Glenn Beck TV this week, Kelly not only told Glenn Beck that the appeal for “unity” from Biden and the Democrats is nonsense; she also predicted “the death of journalism” under the Biden regime administration.

The segment began with a short, on-point rant by Beck about the hypocrisy of the media over its treatment of all-things Donald Trump vs. all-things Joe Biden. He then asked Kelly:

“How can we possibly come together when appears as though CNN is leading the charge … to silence Fox, Newsmax, OAN, probably you, us, all of talk radio. How can we possibly unite?”

Kelly shot the notion down in a heartbeat.

“We’re not gonna unite. It’s all nonsense. Look, I like a good inauguration and a good speech just as much as anybody, and I feel patriotic whenever I witness them, and I root for the president and I root for America in the way that you described. But unity is fool’s gold.”

She then referenced Obama’s phony clarion call for “hope and change” and declaration that there are no blue or red states, there are only the United States.

“It’s nonsense. Even if they generally mean it, they don’t change Washington, Washington changes them. And Joe Biden is Washington — he’s been there for 50 years.”


Kelly told Beck that while she supports Biden’s call for “lowering the temperature” of political discourse, she also believes some personal freedoms are worth fighting for.

“What’s happening substantively is worth fighting for and it’s not going to go away just because [Biden] gave a nice speech.”

Of the Democrats, who for four years, incessantly treated Donald Trump, his family, and his supporters despicably, and are now calling for “unity,” Kelly said:

“They’re the same people who are telling you that you have no right to object if your minor child wants to go get cross-gender hormones during the middle of the day, leaving school grounds to go get testosterone so she can go from female to male — without you knowing. And if you wanna object, where’s your unity? C’mon, we’re supposed to pull together!”

“Well I will object,” she declared.

“I will protect my family and what I think is right over Joe Biden’s need for unity, which is false anyway. ‘Unify behind my agenda’ is not a real call for unity.”

In Democrat-speak, “unity,” “let’s come together,” “let’s lower the temperature,” and everything else “I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony,” while “I buy the world a Coke” is a one-way-street proposition — exactly like their similar “tolerance” nonsense.


It is the job of the Right to tolerate them.

We must tolerate their beliefs. We must tolerate their values. We must tolerate their morals — or lack thereof. And when we don’t? We are “rightfully” called bigoted, racist, white supremacists, xenophobic, Islamophobic, misogynist, and worse.

Megyn Kelly was right. Biden and the Democrat’s olive-branch schtick is nonsense. And as she said, they have “awakened a sleeping giant.”


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