Watch: Things That Made Donald Trump Go 'Bing'; Our 45th President Is Truly a Funny Guy

AP Photo/Steve Helber

Love Donald Trump or loathe him, anyone with a sense of humor who’s not afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome should be able to agree on one thing about our nation’s 45th president: Donald can be a truly a funny dude. I’m talkin’ stand-up comic funny.

Vice News, some time ago, compiled a video mashup of Trump busting out one of his favorite go-to words β€” “bing” β€” no doubt intended to make the president look bad, given that Trump and Vice aren’t exactly BFFs, as noted by our friends over at Twitchy.

All I can say is if that was Vice’s intention, it was a “yuuge” fail. Bigly.

Here, watch for yourself:

See what I mean? TDS-riddled “Saturday Night Live” ain’t got nothin’ on Donald.

Vice also posted a video of Trump on Christmas Eve β€” again, no doubt trying to make him look like an idiot β€” and no doubt failing again, as well.

Without question β€” IMHO, of course β€” Donald Trump has been the most personable president since at least Ronald Reagan.

Again, love him or loathe him, we’ve never seen a president like Donald J. Trump, and I doubt that we ever will, again.

But, hey β€” we’ll have addled old Joe Biden, aimlessly shuffling around the White House in his slippers, tighty whities, and favorite bathrobe β€” no doubt looking for “Dr.” Jill to ask her where she put the “clicker” and the TV Guide.

On that note, Happy New Year, RedStaters!