Nothing to See Here, Just an Idiot Throwing an Explosive Into a Trump Supporter's Home While He and His Girlfriend Are Inside

A Detroit-area man and his girlfriend were kicking back at home on Saturday night, nothing out of the ordinary going on — except for the explosive thrown into his home, that is. The homeowner, who has chosen to remain unidentified for safety reasons, told WDIV-TV he thinks he was targeted because he is an “avid supporter” of President Trump.


The St. Clair Shores homeowner said he and his girlfriend were upstairs just after midnight when they heard a loud explosion, and he rushed back down to see what happened. He was shocked at what he saw.

“Smoke was filling the house. I went up told and her to get out of the house. ‘Grab the dog and get out of the house.'”

Then a second explosion in the driveway — shaking the house.

“The explosion went off and it kind of sounded like a transformer, I guess, from a powerline. And then another explosion went off and it shook the house.

“When we came outside, we noticed the whole window, it was completely blown out, smoke coming out. I didn’t know if the house was on fire or what was going on. I seen [sic] a truck racing down the road.

“When the police showed up, they went in, luckily it didn’t catch fire, but the actual implosion of the mortar, it did some serious damage.”

“We were really scared, the homeowner told the TV station. “I mean when you feel your house shake and explode and smoke, you don’t know what’s going on.”


Having never had an explosive thrown into my home, and being an inquisitive sort, I immediately wondered who tried to blow up this guy’s house — and presumably the guy and his girlfriend with it — and for what reason? A drug deal gone bad? Wrong house? Just for “grins”? None of the above — as the homeowner sees it.

“Some people say because I’m a pretty avid Trump Supporter. I always have my sign up.”

In a surveillance video obtained by Fox 2 Detroit, a man is seen exiting a truck, running up to the house with a lighted explosive in hand, then throwing it through a front window, and scurrying back to the truck.

“My neighbor came over from across the street and he said two blocks over they called him and said, ‘What the hell happened?’ They thought a bomb went off,” the homeowner said.

The homeowner is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of a suspect or suspects. “I mean, it’s worth it to me to find out who’s trying to catch my house on fire and possibly kill me,” he said.

No motive has officially been determined and police are still investigating the incident.


Assuming the guy’s house was targeted because of his support for Trump — and crazier things have happened in this polarized Age of Trump, for sure — that’s damn sick. The man and his girlfriend could’ve easily been killed. Assuming Trump is gone in little more than six weeks, what are the Trump-haters going to do with all of their spare time?

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