MSNBC's Despicable Joy Reid Smears Mitch McConnell as 'Racist,' 'Terrorist,' Worshipper at 'the Altar of 'Whiteness'

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Not that MSNBC’s resident Trump-hater extraordinaire Joy Reid doesn’t find a way to spew bitter bile about President Trump on a nightly basis anyway, but Reid outdid her vile self — which says a helluva lot — on Thursday night’s ridiculous episode of “ReidOut,” with an eager and able assist from the equally-despicable race-hustler Michael Eric Dyson.


As reported by NewsBusters, Reid and Dyson spent more than eight minutes viciously condemning Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) as a racist,” “terrorist,” ventriloquist (“Geppetto”), who controls black Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron (R). Oh, and also as a worshipper at “the altar of whiteness” who “doesn’t give a damn” about those in poverty. Maxine Waters ain’t got nothin’ on Joy Reid and Eric Michael Dyson, folks.

After Dyson said McConnell was both an “unwitting” and “conscious accomplice in refusing racial progress,” Reid derided the Senate filibuster as a “good, old-fashioned, southern technique” used by McConnell to tell Barack Obama that he was “not a real President.”

Reid turned her ire toward Cameron (whom she’s had no problem condemning as a betrayal to his race), insisting he “lie[d]” in order to “let white officers off for killing Breonna Taylor.”

As for his (Cameron’s) mentor, Reid claimed McConnell was equally responsible for the “diminution of black life over the last ten years as Trump.”

Dyson replied that President Trump should be seen as a “fast terrorist” and “racist” (in terms of enacting physical harm to black people) with McConnell should be viewed as a “slow” “terrorist” and “racist” (in that his policies lead to “racial revulsion”).

How’s that for PMSNBC going full-metal-jacket PMSNBC?

I’ve said this before, but how much would it suck to get out of bed every morning, and look at the world — or anyone in it — that way? To look at good people with whom you might not agree politically, as the worst vermin on the planet. And to go to bed every night, with the same amount of vile hatred in your heart. Over politics. It’s been said that while conservatives think liberals are wrong, liberals think conservatives are evil.


Amen — looking at these two haters.

Below are a few examples of the disgust on full display Thursday night by Joy Reid and Eric Michael Dyson, as transcribed by NewsBusters.

Dyson went full-blown racist at one point — beyond his “normal” level of racism, that is — spewing noxious venom about McConnell being proof that America’s “real religion” remains “whiteness,” with the Kentucky senator at the altar, and playing the role of a ventriloquist, controlling blacks like Cameron:

“And to proudly stand up and say that he wanted to make Obama a one-term president, this shows us that the real religion in America is whiteness. [No, it shows us that every member of one party wants to make the president of the other party a one-term president.]

The real politics in McConnell’s orbit are whiteness. The worship of whiteness at the altar of whiteness genuflecting before the god of whiteness. [In the slim chance that you haven’t noticed, Michael Eric Dyson is one sick puppy.]

“And therefore, Donald Trump is the product of a womb that has generated this disfigured first person in terms of politics. But McConnell is part of that womb. Mitch McConnell gives life and breath to the very denunciation of blackness that Donald Trump has been so vehemently denounced for.

“And look, he then puts forward a black face representation, literally in Daniel Cameron, so that there’s a ventriloquism [sic] going on. Daniel Cameron’s mouth is moving. Mitch McConnell’s thoughts are coming through his tongue. This is the worst Geppetto we’ve seen and pulling those strings is one of the most — was one of the worst white supremacist enactments that we’ve seen in the last 15 years in American politics.”


Special, ain’t he?

Reid ate it up, of course, insisting that McConnell “den[ied]” Barack Obama’s “humanity and right to even occupy the office.”

How to put this tactfully… that is a complete load of crap. As noted by NewsBusters, McConnell worked with Obama to confirm his cabinet nominees, pass debt-ceiling packages passed, as well as granting multiple judicial appointments.

Nonetheless, Reid went Reid, even attacking Sen. Tim Scott  (R-SC) for betrayal to his skin color [racist as hell] by allowing himself to be McConnell’s faceman” and for his “weak” attempt at police reform. Then she played the “Moscow Mitch” card.

“The bills the man a Kentuckian [actually it was Trump-hater Joe Scarborough if memory serves] first named Moscow Mitch has brought to the floor have been much weaker versions of House bills, especially the police reform legislation the Senate pushed in reaction to a comprehensive house bill following the murder of George Floyd this summer.”

As I’ve explained in the past when asked why we write about insignificant people like Joy Reid and others — why we give them “play” — my answer is always the same, and it’s an answer I learned from Rush Limbaugh. The more we let these people talk; the more we listen to them, the more they tell us exactly who they and people like them are.

We must never forget who they are and what they are capable of doing.


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