David Limbaugh Isn't Buying What Dems Are Selling: They 'Only Want Unity on Their Terms'

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The notion that Joe Biden could look 74 million Americans in the eye, with a straight face, and talk about “unity” — a “time to heal,” he said, with that vacant, “nobody’s home” look on his face we’ve seen way too many times — is as laughable as it is obscene.


From the 2016 presidential election campaign when the worst politician on the planet called half of America a “basket of deplorables,” through four years of the Democrats and their liberal media sock puppets lying about everything from Russian “collusion” and Ukrainian phone calls, to labeling Donald Trump a racist, white supremacist, xenophobe, homophobe and worse, the idea of playing nice with Biden and the Democrats is a joke. Moreover, their attacks were against those 74 million Americans just as much as they were against Trump.

I’ll sit this one out, Joe — catch you on the other side.

In a syndicated op-ed published on Friday, David Limbaugh took the Democrats apart, as well — beginning with what I said, above: “Trump haters have been lying all along about President Donald Trump, what he stands for, what his record has been and who his supporters are. Now they tell us they want unity.”

“Trump’s opponents — the media, Democrats, never-Trump Republicans — have never given him a moment’s rest, never a benefit of the doubt, never an atom of cooperation or bipartisanship. They haven’t just served as the loyal opposition, resisting his agenda like the minority party is expected to do.

“They have never let him govern. From the time he stepped on the political stage, they’ve harassed, investigated, bullied, impeached and censored him.

“The media has tormented Trump, ignored and distorted his accomplishments, and shown him in a 100% negative light for his entire term. Never in my lifetime have I seen such one-sided coverage.

“They have deliberately misrepresented his words to paint him as a bigot. They have claimed his immigration policies are driven by racism, rather than a desire to protect our borders and ensure the orderly process of legal immigration.”


Which has led, as Limbaugh wrote, to millions of Americans not only believing the lies about Trump’ — but about Trump supporters, as well.

“They have relentlessly hammered this into the national psyche to where millions upon millions of Americans not only believe it but also believe racism animates all Trump supporters. Just remember there was a time in the recent past when both parties agreed that we must control our borders and prosecute illegal immigration.”

Calls for fake unity aside, Limbaugh explained in part why Trump supporters and others on our side of the aisle want nothing to do with— at least for the foreseeable future if not much longer — transparent calls for “healing” from the Democrat Party.

“What Trump wants — and what his supporters want — is for America to reclaim its greatness, its robust liberty tradition, its prosperity, the integrity of its borders, fair trade deals with foreign nations, and its military strength. He has made great strides in achieving these goals.”

Limbaugh’s right.

But the insidiousness of eight years of the Boy King pontificating from his self-gilded throne about an America, in his globalist eyes, in dire need of “fundamental transformation,” sowed the seeds for the Democrat Party and its sycophantic media to set out on a mission to destroy Donald Trump the nanosecond he was declared the winner over Queen Hillary, the most qualified person in the history of the universe to seek the presidency.


Limbaugh used the Left’s attack against Trump’s handling of COVID-19 as one example of the “over-the-top outrageous” charges they leveled against him incessantly, for four years.

“Most of the charges against Trump are over-the-top outrageous. Joe Biden, whom the media characterize as a nice, harmless fellow, has portrayed Trump as a racist and has said Trump is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans from COVID-19.

“Anyone with a smidgeon of intellectual integrity knows this is patently absurd. Trump put his all into fighting this virus, and for partisan opportunists to blame him for its death and destruction is indescribably vicious. But in our society, in which hating Trump has become a popular blood sport, no libel is too low.”

Who can forget Trump being labeled “xenophobic” for banning flights from China? Better yet, Nancy Pelosi pathetically parading around in San Francisco’s Chinatown, imploring America to “Come on down!”, as if she were making a commercial for a travel agency.

Limbaugh then made a larger point: “I’ve never believed that this incessant hatred toward Trump was just about Trump,” he said. “The Left has villainized every Republican president in recent memory and, for several generations, has defamed all Republicans as heartless bigots.”

He’s right, of course. From Ronald Reagan being labeled a “stupid cowboy B-actor,” to both Bushes being constantly trashed as awkward or stupid, to Donald Trump — their worst, most vicious, onslaught of all. Limbaugh offered his thoughts on why Trump.


“…Trump, because of his manner and personality, is a convenient target, allowing those who hate conservatives to pretend it’s all about him. Trump’s refusal to take this abuse sitting down has just further enraged his haters.

“The only good Republican is one who doesn’t talk back; who doesn’t respond to his accusers; who lets charges of racism, sexism and heartlessness stand.”

He also drew a comparison between Trump and the Democrats.

“Even if you find Trump’s manner objectionable, let’s not confuse his style with his policies, his combativeness with his agenda. His agenda is not divisive. His economy has lifted up all groups of people. He has reached out to minorities and tried to address their concerns.

It is the Democrats (and their policies) who are divisive. Through rank identity politics, they stir people against one another on the basis of their skin color, gender and economic circumstances. Republicans aspire to racial colorblindness and an end to the manufactured tension over gender politics.”

Again, Limbaugh’s right, but Trump’s agenda — the agenda of any Republican — is exactly “divisive” to liberals. Reason being, they’ve been programmed by six decades of Democrat propaganda designed to scare uninformed voters — millions of them willfully so — into believing that if it were not for the Democrat Party, the evil Republican would allow children to starve, take away Social Security from elderly Americans, “rip healthcare” away from tens of millions of Americans, and kill their family pets.


So here we are. “The Trump era is over, they say,” Limbaugh wrote. “No longer do we need to be divided. Let’s bring the country together and accomplish great things.”

And then, Alyssa Milano — the hood ornament of the Hollywood Trump-loathing clown car.

“Actress Alyssa Milano tweeted: “I’d like to extend an olive branch to Trump supporters. I am ready to move #ForwardTogether. There’s so much work to do to heal the nation. Let’s be a part of the solution and not add to the problems we face.”

“This same Alyssa Milano said about the Covington Catholic High School students, “The red MAGA hat is the new white hood,” and “I won’t apologize to these boys. Or anyone who wears that hat.

“But I will thank them. I will thank them for lighting a fire underneath the conversation about systemic racism and misogyny in this country and the role President Donald Trump has had in cultivating it and making it acceptable.”

As a Christian, Limbaugh said, he believes in healing and reconciliation. But holding grudges, which he’s against, is not the same thing as responding to smears. Show us, he said. You show us some “unity” for a change.

“If you want healing, stop calling us haters and bigots simply because we strongly disagree with you on policies. Quit suppressing our speech, and quit canceling us from culture. Most of all, quit pretending your calls for unity are anything other than a demand that we surrender to your radical agenda.”.

Exactly. Democrats want “unity” the same way they call for tolerance. In the Democrat dictionary, tolerance is defined as “You tolerate us. You tolerate our agenda. You tolerate our values and morals” — or the lack thereof.


As Biden himself might say if the shoe were on the other foot, his call for “unity” and “a time to heal” is the biggest bunch of malarkey we’ve seen in a long time. That will prove out, bigly, if a Republican wins the White House in 2024.


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