'Amy Covid Barrett' Trends as Left Goes 'Absolutely Crazy' Over 5-4 SCOTUS Ruling on Religious Gatherings

'Amy Covid Barrett' Trends as Left Goes 'Absolutely Crazy' Over 5-4 SCOTUS Ruling on Religious Gatherings
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“Almost” as enjoyable as the Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision to block New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s order limiting the size of religious gatherings — ostensibly to fight against the spread of COVID — has been watching the predictable apoplectic meltdown on the Left.

Moreover, the enjoyment is made extra special by knowing that they know SCOTUS might well not have even taken up the case — just as it refused to do in two similar cases earlier this year — if Amy Coney Barrett were not on the Court to cast the tie-breaker.

And best of all is knowing that the Democrat Party and its dancing monkeys in the liberal media know damn well Wednesday’s SCOTUS decision was a harbinger of things to come.

That knowledge is twofold.

First, Barrett’s confirmation solidified a conservative majority on the Court, made even more important on Wednesday when Chief Justice John Roberts once again showed his true colors by sidling up alongside the three liberal justices and casting with his lot with them.

Second, the knowledge that regardless of the outcome of the 2020 presidential election, Donald Trump’s legacy is not only secured; it was manifested on Wednesday night.

Let the hyperbolic histrionics begin!

Within moments of news of the SCOTUS ruling breaking, Leftists cranked up their normal level of hysteria to full-blast crazy-train, as “Amy Covid Barrett” began to trend on social media. As reported by our friends at Twitchy, smug blue-checkmark Twitter users led the clown car parade out of the gate.

Singer Deren Ney was just one many to play the “Amy Covid Barrett” card, no doubt thinking it was clever — and devastating, as well.

Screenwriter Randi Mayem Singer vowed to call ACB “Amy Covid Barrett” for the rest of her(miserable) life; as if the Hollywood lefty wouldn’t come up with an even “better” nickname for Barrett, sooner or later.

Author Ali A. Rizvi went with a silly “death” tweet. (Pay no attention to Laurence Tribe’s drivel; he was lying and he knew it.)

This lunatic “creator of animation” didn’t know whether to laugh about the silly nickname or weep about the “thousands and thousands” of more sure deaths that ACB “just handed us.”


Elsewhere, The Most Trusted Name in News™ trotted out a doctor to slam the ruling as an “absolutely crazy” decision that “devalues human lives.” Dr. Peter Hotez said, after being cued up by CNN fill-in host Boris Sanchez:

“Yeah, it’s absolutely crazy. This is not about religious freedom; this is not about civil liberties; this is about all hands on deck to save lives over the next few months until we get everybody vaccinated. […] I can say with firmness and clarity that human life is not cheap.

“And that Supreme Court ruling did just that — it devalues human lives and makes it really tough for our health care providers to provide the best care possible to lower mortality rates.”

Sanchez “forgot” to ask Hotez if he although thought months of “peaceful protests” devalued human lives. Or maybe Sanchez just thought those lives were “cheap.” [sarc]

While we’re at it, I wonder if the good doctor thinks abortion — or as Biden calls it, “an essential healthcare service” — “devalues human life.”

Former Obama stooge Ben Rhodes — Rhodes is still a stooge; he just doesn’t work for Chicago Jesus Barrack Obama, anymore — busted out the I-word — “illegitimate” — the Left’s favorite word over the last four years.

Makes perfect “sense,” right? Illegitimate president begets illegitimate Supreme Court Justice begets illegitimate Supreme Court decision.

Even the “victim” of the SCOTUS ruling himself lashed out at the Court’s decision; then again, noted “Leadership” expert Andrew Cuomo always lashes out at those who right his wrongs.

“We know who he appointed to the Court and we know their ideology,” Cuomo said calling the decision “irrelevant” and “moot.”

“The Supreme Court made a ruling. It’s more illustrative of the Supreme Court than anything else.

“It’s irrelevant of any practical impact because of the zone they were talking about is moot. It expired last week,” the governor said, adding, “It doesn’t have any practical effect.

“The lawsuit was about the Brooklyn zone. The Brooklyn zone no longer exists as a red zone. That’s mooted. So that restriction is no longer in effect. That situation just doesn’t exist because those restrictions are gone.”

“Practical impact” aside, Cuomo was lying. Lying in the sense that he knows full well that the SCOTUS ruling establishes precedent, and that the next time he gets a wild hair up his thinks about going all Andrew Cuomo with a similar edict he might first think twice.

The bottom line:

First, victory for the First Amendment and religious liberty in the U.S. Supreme Court. Then, the enjoyable knowledge that the Left not only lost its collective crap over this decision; but that it also knows full well that the decision was a harbinger of things to come — made possible by a solidified conservative majority on Court.

And best of all, Donald Trump “did that.” (That was for you, Chicago Jesus Barack Obama.)

And the Democrats can’t do a damn thing about it.

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