Democrats' Lapdog Liberal Media: Trump's Fraud Charges 'Outright Lies,' an 'Assault on Our Democracy'

(Lou Rocco/ABC via AP)

Needless to say, I don’t normally stop by online liberal rag Mediaite when I’m looking for credible, anywhere near objective, news. Then again, when the content on the TDS-afflicted site becomes news —although not for the reason Mediaite or the fellow-Trump haters it regularly trots out as “journalists” intends — it’s game on.

Such was the case on Saturday morning when I happened upon Mediaite, and there it was, in all of its Mediaite glory:

‘Assault on Our Democracy’: Chuck Todd, George Stephanopoulos Open Shows Calling Out Trump’s Election Attacks, ‘Outright Lies’

Why it’s “almost” like Mediaite was “giddy.” Truth? I actually laughed out loud. I mean, that’s some Stage IV Trump Derangement Syndrome, right there, folks. I know what you’re thinking. Who am I to question the brilliantly incisive political analysis of two bastions of journalistic integrity like Chuck Todd and Stephy Stephanopoulos, right? Yeah.

First bastion up, Chuck Todd.

“An assault on our democracy.” What about the relentless assault on our democracy by the TDS-riddled liberal media for four years, Chuck? Remember? You were a part of it the whole time. Arrogantly so.

And Mediaite’s “take.”

On Meet the Press, Chuck Todd started off by saying that at first, “It was easy to dismiss President Trump’s reality-denial as working his base, or just a tantrum, or some sort of strategy for his post-presidency strategy.”

“But now his antics look less like a fit of pique than an assault on our democracy,” he said.

Todd brought up how the Trump team has been pressuring Republican state legislatures to “overturn the election and choose pro-Trump electors instead” while the top lawyers are pushing baseless and off-the-walls conspiracy theories about a massive rigged election.

He picked up in particular on Trump’s explicit message to “Court and/or Legislatures” on Twitter Saturday night to have the “COURAGE” to do the right thing, while again baselessly claiming there’s “hundreds of thousands” of fraudulent votes that would somehow overturn the election results.

Journalism “excellence” at its “finest.” Second bastion up, Stephanopoulos.

Incredulous. How much damage has Trump done to our democracy? Again, Mediaite:

Meanwhile, on This Week, George Stephanopoulos started the program saying, “We may not be surprised, but we should still be shocked.”

“Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump. And by recent standards it wasn’t all that close. “Faced with those facts, the president and his allies have taken their baseless claims of voter fraud to court. They’ve lost 34 times.

“He brought up the most recent court failure, with a Pennsylvania judge rejecting their case and saying that they used “strained legal arguments and speculative accusations.”

“Defeated in court, the Trump team is telling outright lies in television interviews and press conferences, forums where you don’t face legal sanctions for making false, frivolous, and fantastical charges.’

He also noted Trump’s public calls for state officials “to simply overturn the will of the voters.”

“This assault on our election will not change the outcome,” Stephanopoulos told viewers.

“Joe Biden will take the oath of office, become America’s 46th president at 12 noon on January 20th. Donald Trump will leave the White House sometime before then. But how much damage will he do to our democracy on the way out?”

A couple of questions for Stephy:

How much damage to our democracy have you and your Trump-hating colleagues done for four years? How much damage have you done to our democracy by promoting the Russian “collusion” hoax? For failing to report that it was Hillary Clinton who not only concocted the hoax to deflect from her private server scandal, but it was none other than her who tried to get Russia to interfere in the election?

How much damage have you done to America by promoting the sham impeachment trial? By propping up lunatic Michael Avenatti, who now sits in prison, in his attempt to bring down Donald Trump? I could go on, Stephy, but you accusing Donald Trump or anyone of damaging our democracy is tantamount to Michael Moore criticizing a weight-watcher for drinking a soy milk and wheat germ smoothie.

The condescending arrogance of the liberal media’s blatant bias and unbridled hatred of Donald Trump has done more harm to America in the last four years than Trump could have done in a lifetime. In tandem with Jack Dorsey’s Twitter, Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook, and Sundar Pichai’s Google, the so-called “mainstream” media has done the dirty work for the Democrat Party with zeal.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, it has spent the last ten months coddling a mentally-declining now-78-year-old man, protecting him at every turn, refusing to ask him hard questions that a responsible media would ask of any presidential candidate — for the good of the American people.

And for Chuck Todd and George Stephanopulous to call Donald Trump an “assault on our democracy”? A man who has “damaged our democracy”? It doesn’t get any more obscene.

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