Left-Wing Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Gets Dragged Over Ridiculous 'Science Is Back' Video in Anticipation of Biden Presidency

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Other than hapless NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, there is no other mayor of a major city in America who more beclowns his or herself on a regular basis than the embattled Left-wing mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot.


Lightfoot’s latest effort came in the form of a ridiculous video in which she envisioned the “return of science,” as dreams about a yet-to-be-determined Biden presidency.

The video begins with Lightfoot restlessly awakening from a dream after falling asleep in a chair; in black and white, presumably for dramatic effect. As she grabs her forehead, she proclaims: “Thank God. Science is back, baby,” with a sigh of relief.

She then pats a globe on the table next to her chair: “And the earth… is round,” she says.”Not flat.” (“Hilarious,” ain’t it?) We then see a fake doctor creepily admonish:

“Washing your hands… does work. Social distancing… does matter. And wearing a face-covering… does help protect all of us. I do love science!”


“Science is back” displays on the screen as the video ends, then “let’s fight COVID together,” as upbeat corny music plays.

I assume the video was supposed to be funny. Show of hands; who thinks it was funny? And obviously, it was an off-the-mark shot at President Trump, particularly given face-masks on full display by virtually every supporter at his campaign rallies.

As you might imagine, it didn’t take long for Twitter users to respond; many of whom ridiculed the embattled mayor of the gun-death capital of America.


This Twitter user gave Lightfoot an update. You know, just in case she missed the news while she was making her silly video.

Jeff wondered if Lightfoot might have been dreaming about her order to remove statues of Christopher Columbus from two city parks in July — overnight, of course — to “protect public safety” “until further notice,” as reported by my RedState colleague Nick Arama.

Matt Walsh dunked on Lightfoot — bigly — asking her, “Now that science is back, can we stop pretending that men can get pregnant?”

In addition to the heat Lightfoot has taken for the continuing out-of-control gun violence in the Windy CIty, she has had more than her share of controversy.

As my colleague Sister Toldjah reported in August, Lightfoot went off on a reporter after he asked her about coddling rioters.


In July, as RedState’s Brandon Morse reported, Lightfoot tried to play victim when President Trump expanded “Operation Legend” into Chicago.

As we reported in June, Lightfoot lost it against a city official who criticized her failed response to rioting.

And as RedState’s Kira Davis reported in May, Lightfoot was ridiculed over a hilarious PSA encouraging Chicagoans to “Stay Home, Save Lives.

The list goes on — but that’s about all of Lori Lightfoot we need for one day, I think.

In recent election news, check out my earlier article about Jonathan Turley’s comments on potential systemic election fraud, titled Jonathan Turley Weighs in With Perfect Analogy of Why We Haven’t Seen Systemic Election Fraud; YET.


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