Chicago Mayor Lightfoot to City Official Who Criticized her Failed Response to the Riots: 'You're 100% Full of Sh**'

(Santiago Covarrubias/Sun Times via AP)
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Lori Lightfoot, President of the Chicago Police Board and Chair of the Chicago Police Accountability Task Force, addresses inquiries during a news conference related to the findings of an investigation into the Chicago Police Department by the Department of Justice on Friday, Jan 13, 2017 in Chicago. (Santiago Covarrubias/Sun Times via AP)


Far-left Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot must feel like she’s being hit from every possible direction lately. The Windy City just experienced its most deadly weekend in 60 years. There were 18 homicides in a 24-hour period. Walmart, one of the city’s largest taxpayers, is considering closing some of their locations in the city, many of which have been looted and damaged heavily in the last two weeks.

According to CBS Chicago, during a recent conference call with all 50 of the city’s aldermen, Lightfoot engaged in an angry and expletive-laced argument with an official who had been critical of her handling of the riots.

A source provided CBS with audio from the May 31st call (provided below).

Alderman Raymond Lopez, who represents the 15th ward, told Lightfoot that her office “needed to come up with a better plan to protect the neighborhoods in the coming days.”

Lopez said, “When downtown is in lockdown, our neighborhoods are next, and our failure to fully get ready for what’s going on in the neighborhoods, we’re seeing this destruction, and we’re thinking that it’s going to somehow end tonight. We have seen where, in other cities, this has gone on for days; and we need to come up with a better plan for days, at least for the next five days, to try and stabilize our communities.”


“My ward is a s**t show,” continued Lopez. “They are shooting at the police.” He added that his ward resembled a “war zone.”

Lopez indicated he was unhappy with the city’s response to the riots and said he wanted to know what the city was doing to protect its citizens. “I want an answer.”

Lightfoot is heard saying, “I think you’re 100% full of sh** is what I think.”

“Well, f**k you then,” Lopez replied.

Aldermen asked Lightfoot how their constituents were supposed to get food and medicine if “every CVS, every Walgreens is shutting down.” Another asks, “How do businesses recover and why would they want to recover in our community?”

She told the aldermen she was aware this was a “massive, massive problem. I don’t know about you, but I haven’t seen sh** like this before, not in Chicago.” The rioters, she said, were “f**king lawless.”

Following the mayor’s request, the state’s governor, J.B. Pritzker, called in the National Guard for assistance.

Prior to the riots of the last two weeks, both Lightfoot and Pritzker have strongly supported the state’s lockdown and have been among the most heavy-handed government officials.

During the first week of the riots, President Trump ended a tweet by saying, “when the looting starts, the shooting starts.” Angered by the remark, and being the classy woman she is, Lightfoot told reporters, “I will code what I really want to say to Donald Trump, it’s two words, it begins with ‘f’ and it ends with ‘u.’”



Several weeks ago, President Trump declared that churches, synagogues, and places of worship were essential and called on them to reopen across the country. Lightfoot, who has grown too fond of her emergency powers told reporters this was “foolish and dangerous.“

A couple of days after Trump’s announcement, Courtney Lewis, the pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church in the Southside of Chicago, was delivering a sermon “when he heard loud banging on the front doors. It was the police, but they were denied entry into the sanctuary.”

Lightfoot had “dispatched three squad cars and two unmarked cars filled with armed officers. A representative from the mayor’s office was also present.” He noted it was “like the Soviet-style KGB.”


In early May, Lightfoot’s office issued a warning to Chicagoans not to hold parties in their homes. She wanted her constituents to know she was not playing. They were to stay home (in their own homes). In the video at the bottom of the page, with Superintendent Brown by her side, she tells them:

Now, I’ve directed Superintendent Brown to order all police districts to give special attention to these parties and this is how it’s going to be. We will shut you down. We will cite you and if we need to, we will arrest you and we take you to jail. Period. There should be nothing ambiguous about that. Don’t make us treat you like a criminal. But if you act like a criminal and you violate the law, and you refuse to do what’s necessary to save lives in the city in the middle of a pandemic, we will take you to jail. Period.


It’s fun to be the mayor of Chicago until you have to actually govern.



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