Complete Cave: Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Has the Columbus Statue Removed in the Middle of the Night

(AP Photo/M. Spencer Green, File)

You may recall that last Friday, as we reported, radical BLM activists and Antifa ambushed the Chicago Police who were defending the Christopher Columbus statue in Grant Park.

Fortunately, SWAT reinforcements showed up and was able to rescue their fellows and push the extremists back.

They were obstensibly there for a “indigenous rally.” But as the police video showed, it was a planned assault.

But forty nine officers were hurt in the attack.

So what happened last night, even as radical extremists were marching on Mayor Lightfoot’s home?

Lightfoot had the statue taken down in the dead of night, apparently by her own fiat.

BLM folks at her house celebrated their victory, waving the black flag for anarchy.

So everything’s all better now, right? Of course not. Conceding to and trying to appease people who planned a violent ambush on cops is a pretty horrid look and it only encourages them to do more of the same. It allows intimidation and criminal action to prevail. Why should anyone adhere to the rule of law and rational discourse when mob action will get you what you want? That’s the standard that she’s setting here. When rule of law fails, we’re on a quick slide to chaos.

Meanwhile how does this stop people from being killed in Chicago?