Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Drops Hilarious PSA Encouraging Chicagoans to "Stay Home, Save Lives"

(Terrence Antonio James/Chicago Tribune via AP)

Task Force on Police Accountability Chair Lori E. Lightfoot speaks during a news conference at the Harold Washington Library Center in Chicago on Wednesday, April 13, 2016, called to address the task force’s recommendations for reform of the Chicago Police Department. The task force recommended replacing the “badly broken” independent review authority that currently investigates misconduct with a “new and fully transparent and accountable Civilian Police Investigative Agency.” (Terrence Antonio James/Chicago Tribune via AP) MANDATORY CREDIT CHICAGO TRIBUNE; CHICAGO SUN-TIMES OUT; DAILY HERALD OUT; NORTHWEST HERALD OUT; THE HERALD-NEWS OUT; DAILY CHRONICLE OUT; THE TIMES OF NORTHWEST INDIANA OUT; TV OUT; MAGS OUT; NO SALES


In a population as large and free as ours, it can be tough to convince everyone to stay at home to help slow the spread of coronavirus. There are still plenty of reports out there of people having gatherings, crowding into farmer’s markets and socializing in parks. Dr. Birx filmed a video pleading with Americans to forego their dinner parties and social gatherings, warning that just one person carrying the virus could lead to dire consequences for many others.

While Birx’ plea was very serious in tone, the mayor of Chicago chose to go a different route in a recent PSA aimed at encouraging Chicago citizens to “stay home, save lives.”

In the video Mayor Lori Lightfoot (who already gets bonus points for being a White Sox fan) seriously pleads with Chicagoans to follow stay-at-home orders for the good of the city. Viewers are then treated to lighthearted vignettes of Lightfoot doing things around the house while reminding everyone to stay at home.

In one vignette Lightfoot stands in her kitchen holding a small toy basketball, looking at its accompanying small toy net fridge magnet. “I’ll tell you what, if I make this shot…you stay home.” Lightfoot proceeds to dunk in slow motion.


In another, the mayor can be seen making up her bed. When someone from another room asks her what she’s doing she replies, “What am I doing? Right now? Saving lives.”

It was a clever yet effective ad and refreshing to see a bit of levity used to share a very important message. This PSA seems appropriately light-hearted for a mayor named Lightfoot.

Enjoy the video, have a giggle and remember…stay home, save lives.



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