Lifelong Democrat Caller Shocks C-SPAN by Announcing He's Voting Republican — Here's Why

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President Donald Trump speaks during the first day of the Republican National Convention Monday, Aug. 24, 2020, in Charlotte, N.C. (AP Photo/Chris Carlson)

Few things are more boring than C-SPAN. Watching C-SPAN is tantamount to watching paint dry, although not nearly as colorful.


So one can only imagine the seismic tremors that undoubtedly shook C-SPAN studios late Monday night when a caller who identified himself as a lifelong Democrat announced that he will be supporting the Republican Party in November.

As reported by Fox News, the caller, who identified himself only as Rick, from Lorain, Ohio, said he decided to switch his allegiance, in part, because of the way speakers embraced God during the opening night of the Republican National Convention.

The newly-converted Republican, at least for this election cycle, also said he was moved by the “heartfelt way” speakers “came across to the American people.” He also threw a bit of shade at the Democrats.

“I’m a lifelong Democrat; I’m from Lorraine, Ohio, which is a Democrat city in Ohio, and just want to say after watching the convention tonight, on C-SPAN, here, I am definitely changing my vote to Republican, and I tell you what; they just put the Democratic Party to shame.  I’m going to follow the Republican Party, now.”

The no-doubt crestfallen C-SPAN host wanted to know why the lifelong Democrat decided to make the switch: “What was it that convinced you about tonight?”

“It was the heartfelt way they came across to the American people. And I was really touched by the number of times they used the word ‘God.’ They put God into everything, and the people on the Democratic side at their convention acted like they were pushing God right out of it.”


Is this where I say “Amen”?

Left-“leaning” Mediaite put a different spin on its headline, no doubt suggesting to its liberal followers:

“There they go, again; the Republicans put God into everything.

Speaking of Democrats and God, Rick from Lorraine was right.

During the Democrat convention, last week, “Under God” was omitted from the pledge in both the LGBTQ caucus meeting and the Muslim Delegates Assembly — as duly noted by Donald Trump.

Here’s video from one of the meetings, also from Steve Guest.

The fact that “Rick from Lorraine” made news by calling C-SPAN to say he will support the Republicans in November raises a larger question.


A question for which we won’t have an answer until exit polls are analyzed on election night, if at all: How many more “Rick from Lorraine” disenfranchised Democrats are out there?

How many more Democrats are inspired by the inclusion of “God” and the “heartfelt” message of the Republican Party in this election cycle, rather than the negative, divisive message America has heard — ad nauseam — over the last four years, from the Democrat Party?

How much fun would it be if “Rick from Lorraine” Democrats were the deciding factor to put Trump over the top?

Stranger things have happened. See: 2020.



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