TDS-Riddled ‘Morning Joe’ Drools All Over Biden’s Speech: ‘The Optimism Was Reaganesque'

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Let’s first agree on one basic and obvious fact: If you look up “Trump Derangement Syndrome” in the dictionary, the first thing you’ll see is a picture of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” host, Joe Scarborough — right next to the picture of his wife and cohost, Mika Brzezinski.

Perfect. Now the rest of this piece will read like “Of course he did” stuff.

So… now-official Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden has finally delivered the acceptance speech he’s been wanting and waiting to deliver for 32 years — he first ran for president in 1988 — on Thursday night, and by most accounts, he did a pretty good job.

Understand: by “pretty good job,” I mean he actually delivered the speech. Coherently, and mostly gaffe-free, to boot. This is a pretty low bar, of course, but let’s be real: Joe Biden is Joe Biden.

While Democrats across America who no doubt held their collective breath as Biden began to speak were able to exhale in relief following his performance, by Friday morning, pundits on both sides of the political aisle were generally giving the old guy good marks, as well.

Then there was Joe Scarborough.

The erstwhile friend — dare I say former confidante — of Donald Trump was near-giddy Friday morning, as he gushed over Biden’s speech — not unlike former MSNBC “Hardball” host Chris “Tingles” Matthews, who in 2008 gushed like a schoolgirl about getting a “thrill up my leg” after watching Barack Obama deliver a speech.


So how good was Biden’s speech, as the embarrassingly-slobbering Scarborough saw it? “Reaganesque good.” No, really. Check it out:

“He delivered a speech whose themes I think could have fit far better in an acceptance speech from Ronald Reagan than Mr. Trump. The focus wasn’t on a flurry of policy prescriptions from the 1984 Democratic convention, but rather, it was on values: family, faith, military service on his son, patriotism, and yes, perseverance through tragedy and, one of the most Reaganesque themes, the dream of a better day ahead and the belief that America’s best days are yet to come.”

Then came the predictable Trump-obsessed shot at the president.

“Now that is a speech that will stand in the starkest of contrast from Donald Trump and the Republican party that he believes is rich, white, resentful, angry, and Willie, filled with conspiracy theorists.

“It is, again, the optimism was Reaganesque.”

All but called Trump a white supremacist, didn’t he?

One — a rationally-thinking one, that is — might get the impression that Scarborough’s bitter and often petty disdain for Donald Trump drives his thoughts and commentary far more than does a genuine belief that Hidin’ Biden is worthy of comparison with Ronald Reagan.


Of particular note in Scarborough’s fawning analysis was this line:

“The focus wasn’t on a flurry of policy prescriptions from the 1984 Democratic convention, but rather, it was on values…”

If Scarborough were an objective analyst, he’d understand exactly why Biden’s focus was on “values” vs. facts.

To begin with, Democrats always prefer to talk about “values,” “dreams,” and other “feel-good” stuff, rather than facts, data, history, and concrete proposals. Scares away the fiscally-responsible, you know.

Second, the Democrat Party is well aware that Biden must walk a tightrope between appeasing the far-left faction of Bernie Sanders, AOC, Elizabeth Warren, and other such leftist characters, if it is to have a snowball’s chance of winning the White House in November.

As a result, Biden talking about his gun-grabber pledges made to erstwhile Democrat presidential Beto O’Rourke, for example, would hardly have gone over well in “gun and religion-clinging” country, where Biden hopes to cut into Trump’s 2016 base.

Besides, as Scarborough knows full well, if the Democrat Party is to pull off its liptstick-on-a-pig charade, and convince a sufficient number of voters that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are “pragmatic moderates,” allowing Joe to repeat his February pledge to become the “most progressive president in history” isn’t a very good idea.


Not very “Reaganeque,” at all, is he?


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