Nikki Haley Puts Russia on Notice for "Occupation and Military Invasion" of Ukraine

Vladimir Putin is going to be looking for that reset button. Newly appointed Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley said she planned on “taking names” and she doesn’t appear to be kidding around. Late Thursday Haley tweeted out what felt very much like a warning to Russia and the Ukraine that it was not going to be business as usual, when she referred to Russia’s “occupation and military invasion of Ukraine”,


One thing, Haley stops short of saying is exactly what the next move for the United States may be in handling the crisis. Putting the full force of the United States government behind the people of Ukraine certainly shifts the balance of power in the region, as Ms. Haley says, “the Ukrainian people have suffered for nearly three years” under Russian control.

Putin won’t be happy about this, but he also shouldn’t be surprised. He’s run roughshod over the region, terrorized its people for far too long. This could end up being on the first foreign policy tests of the Trump administration.


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