JUST IN: Gunman Opens Fire in Spanish Market, Screaming: "Allahu Akbar"

So today it’s Spain. In what feels like a rash of ISIS inspired attacks in Europe, a spanish market has become the latest target. A man dressed in a suicide vest filled with gasoline and gunpowder, shouted “Allahu Akbar” before opening firing into the air.


The Daily Mail is reporting there were no injuries and that the gunman has been detained.

According to police sources, the young man has psychological problems and is lives next-door to the shop.

The incident, which happened at around 2pm, did not result in any injuries but left many extremely shaken.

One employee confirmed that he had shouted the Arabic phrase for ‘God is great’ before he began shooting. 

Witnesses told how they suddenly heard screams and shots before nearby officers screamed at them to get away.

According to Spanish media outlet La Region, police officer Carlos Perez, 38, revealed the gunman fired at him and he had to wait for backup.

He and his colleagues were able to detain him after he ran out of ammunition, at which point they emerged with a makeshift vest.

Once the mass shooting has a terrorist angle they have a tendency to go down the media memory hole. Since this one had no fatalities, the mainstream media probably won’t cover it at all. That won’t make it any less real. Now we wait to see if ISIS or another organization wants to claim this one or not.



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