Paul Krugman Unhinged: NYT's Writer Finds Bush, Trump 9/11 Connection

In a fit of anti-Trump hysteria, Paul Krugman, of the New York Times, sent this bizarro world tweet about Donald Trump, George Bush and 9/11. Alex Jones would be proud.


My first reaction was “I can’t believe, they’re still whining about the 2000 election”. I almost missed the fact that Krugman had gone full on Truther. There’s a lot to unpack here as the pundits say.

Krugman first makes a reference to the always popular liberal rallying cry, “Selected, Not Elected” combined with a twist of “Blame Bush”. I’m certain conspiracy theorists are already burning up the internet with interpretations of what Krugman meant by Bush’s involvement in 9/11 and how he benefitted. This of course flies in the face of their “we’re only acting like lunatics, because it’s Trump.” Lies. They’ve done this to every Republican president in my adult life. Democrats only accept the results of the elections if they win you see.

Now we’re on the part where the New York Times writer hints that the current President-elect might plan an attack against his own country if he thought it would help his popularity. As the liberals say… “Let That Sink In!!” Krugman is actually putting the thought out in the world, with an explainer, that Republican presidents could and would create a fake terrorist attack. That is crazy talk. Yet this is the guy you’ll see making the rounds on the Sunday Morning talk shows. Telling us what we should think about the world. It’s maddening.


After eight years of being called a racist, a traitor, a bigot for not writing “I Love Obama” in my notebook, this is what we can anticipate to for the next at least four years. Yay. The Media continues to have a credibility problem, look no further than Paul Krugman’s deep thoughts to find out why.



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