Donald Trump: The Hero We Needed

This had to be how some Pittsburgh Steelers fans felt in 1975. Your team just won the Super Bowl, yet you still don’t like the Quarterback.  Welcome to the world of #NeverTrump. Many of us have worked in the movement for decades, and by working I mean “volunteering” in most cases, dreaming of the day when we could put forth an agenda, knowing you needed to win in order to do that. Putting in the hours informing the public of the dangers of ObamaCare and increased government. A “Movement” that fought hard to erase the stigma attached to Republicans. The mantra being we aren’t racist, homophobic, xenophobic caricatures…. and then along comes Donald Trump.


While the man himself as said things that make me cringe, I have no real reason to believe that he is any of the -isms lobbied against him. The only provable one is that he was clearly tight with Bill Clinton. My concerns as I’ve stated were that he would be used by the media to define the Republicans forever thus poisoning the well for the party’s down ballot races and the future.  And the media did not let me down, once the primaries were over, they unloaded on Donald Trump, as they would have any Republican candidate. Trump just gave them some unusual ammunition.

Meanwhile in the final weeks of the election, the hard core Trump supporters new rallying cry was #DrainTheSwamp, indicating they wanted anyone who opposed Donald Trump in anyway to lose. Trump himself referenced his ill wishes towards those who dare to speak against him. None of these “supporters” seemed to realize that if the “Swamp” was drained it would give Democrats control of the Congress. Putting their endless arguments about SCOTUS to an end. This ridiculous line of thinking lead to the need for a reminder to #SaveTheSenate because if we were to lose the Congress, as it was being widely reported even the house was in danger, who won the White House would be a merely depressing afterthought.

So think what you will about #NeverTrump but there were many of us fighting for all the races, not just the White House. To some degree I feel like the American people’s split vote is a win for Democracy. Even more so for those of us who would like to see less centralized government. To the average American, the Presidency has become a figurehead position again, that will be held in check by those around them, that’s literally what voters have said post election 2016. That should make all of us a little happy.


Now some Trump supporters would like to continue the intra party struggles of the last two years caused by this puckish election cycle, I have no interest in that.  I’ve been a Republican all my life and Donald Trump didn’t change that.  I haven’t given to the RNC in years though, perhaps that will change as policies do moving forward.  I spent my time organizing, promoting events, candidates and issues close to the heart of any Conservative instead. To borrow a phrase, “Let me to be clear“:  I won’t be told to step aside now.

Having said that… The battle of the last decade has made me weary,  and all this girl wants to do is to relish the victory for Republicans everywhere.   And to maybe take a vacation.

While the pundits and arm chair quarterbacks, myself included got caught up in each drama thrown out in this wild election season, normal people were barely paying attention, they were working, playing and living their lives.  God Bless America!

Ronald Reagan once said something about “trusting the American voters”, in all the madness that is 2016, the voters got it right, across the board.  They voted in huge numbers to protect the 2nd Amendment, to end Obamacare, to stop the ever encroaching government into their daily lives, on every level that they could, local, state, and federal.  The vast majority of Americans clearly recognize the biased nature of the national media. All of these are wins for “Our” side.

No I didn’t vote for Trump for President, but I see now that he followed Reagan’s lead in one very key way, He spoke directly to the people. He ignored the media filters entirely. That broke through. As the saying goes… The Lord works in mysterious ways. 


It may have been an “ugly win” as they say in football, but a win is a win is a win. Pop the bottles of champagne!  Another football saying is that “winning cures a lot of ills”.  This couldn’t be more applicable than in the case of Donald Trump.



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