War Rages on in Israel Against the Forces of Evil

AP Photo/Fatima Shbair

This morning, the Western World awoke to the shocking news coming out of Israel, seeing videos and pictures all over social media that showed the forces of evil invading and terrorizing the country. The images and videos you can see will make your blood boil. Women and children are being massacred and/or kidnapped, roving bands of armed Hamas fighters in vehicles shooting anything that moves.


It seems that the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) were caught flat-footed in this unprecedented invasion of Israel. Videos show the destruction of several Israeli tanks and even having some of their crew dragged out and captured.

Make no mistake, this situation that is still unfolding is what many are calling Israel's 9/11. This is the first time that the nation has been invaded by forces of this magnitude in decades. The Israeli death toll stands to only grow significantly in the coming days, as they fight to eliminate their invaders and stop the rocket attacks from killing innocent civilians. 

The militant group Hamas launched attacks on Jerusalem and Tel Aviv early Saturday morning, prompting the Israeli government to declare a "state of war."

The situation is chaotic:

Forces in the country have ordered residents to remain indoors after confirming Hamas militants had 'infiltrated' the country in several locations near the Gaza border in southern Israel.

'The military declares a state of war alert,' it said in a statement. 'In the last hour, the Hamas terrorist organization had begun a massive shooting of rockets from the Gaza Strip into Israeli territory, and terrorists infiltrated into Israeli territory in a number of different locations.'


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that Israel is "at war." As Israeli forces begin to regroup and conduct organized and precise strikes on Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip and other places, I can only hope that they are not only successful, but they take the fury of all those who support them along for the ride. 

The Palestinian people are largely responsible for this war. They were the ones that elected Hamas into power when the Israeli government withdrew its forces and control from the Gaza Strip in 2005. Since then, Hamas, funded by Iran, has waged an almost continuous terror campaign against Israel. Whether by launching rockets into Israel, or by clashing with IDF troops, or by suicide bombers all over the country.  Hamas has shown a blatant disregard for peace; instead, they choose to hide behind innocent civilians while they lob rockets and gunfire at Israelis. 

The people who live in Gaza under the control of Hamas could have chosen to fight Hamas and/or remove them from political power. Instead, they chose to be ruled by them, but I have to think that they have chosen to actively support or even join Hamas when they attack, especially in this war. My sympathies for them have runneth dry at the moment, because when I see truckloads of women and girls being driven into Gaza, and the civilians there cheering the fighters on and even beating them, you have crossed the line from innocent civilians to active participants in this disgusting act.


It is one thing for Hamas to target strictly military targets, that would be legitimate warfare. It would still be an invasion, and I would still call for IDF to crush them and bring me their souls, but it would have been legal for lack of better words. But instead, the cowards of Hamas chose to target the people who presented no possible threat. The big difference between IDF strikes on Hamas targets that unintentionally kill innocent civilians and this is just that: Israel does not intentionally target civilians. 

Hamas intentionally launches rocket attacks in heavily populated civilian areas, because they know the IDF will go out of their way to not hurt civilians. I know this for a fact. When I was in Iraq for my second tour, the Mujahadeen would always hide in civilian areas while they shot at us, because they knew we wouldn't fire back, even though we could.  They always used them as human shields in any way they could, because they were cowards. 

Throughout time and history, Israel has always offered the Palestinian people a "Two State Solution." Since Israel's founding in 1948, they have always tried to offer a solution that would bring peace. Hamas has always rejected any offer of peace, any two-state solution, but just the destruction of the Israeli state. There is no peace and will be no peace until Hamas is eradicated from this world -- and the fact that we have Americans here at home who support Hamas is disgusting. 

Strangely, Democrats like Congresswoman Ilhan Omar issued a semi-weak statement about an hour ago, but usually waste no time screaming from the figurative rooftops about how Israel is the bad guy when Israel defends itself or conducts raids to capture or kill Hamas terrorists.


I know that Israel will be victorious in their fight against Hamas, but they cannot do it without our support. No, I do not mean that we need to start sending troops and or buttloads of our money to them. But that we live up to our promise to have their backs. We need our elected officials to publicly denounce Hamas, not support them. Personally, I want the IDF to go all out in their fight against Hamas and its supporters, and leave no stone unturned. If there is any democracy that we need to defend, it's Israel.


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