Ramaswamy Speech on Culture Wars and America First Principles Receives Standing Ovation at California GOP

Matt Funicello

Republican Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy spoke at the CAGOP convention in Anaheim, California Saturday at a lunch event before a packed ballroom of donors, supporters, and CAGOP Delegates. 


California Republican Party Chairwoman Jessica Patterson gave a brief introduction for Ramaswamy before he took the stage. Ramaswamy began speaking about being in a war for the survival of the nation. The war he spoke of was a war of social, cultural, and ideological issues. 

He went on further, speaking about the culture war of fear affecting our ability to speak the truth in public, and how the culture war is creating a toxic environment for Americanism and creating anti-Americanism, making it hard for anyone to be their true selves for fear of being labeled a bigot, racist and all the other phobic words. Ramaswamy referred to it as the "woke industrial complex," as it affects not just individuals, but big business, corporate America, and the schools.

Ramaswamy hit hard on the woke industrial complex affecting the education system in America, causing students to be told math is racist, failing students in schools, and more. He went on to use the American military as another example of how the woke industrial complex affects our nation's ability to be ready for a conflict because they're too worried about gender issues or pronouns.  

Ramaswamy also hit China hard, noting the many companies, athletes, actors, and politicians are being corrupted by Chinese diplomats and having them bow to their demands to benefit the Chinese Communist Party.


Ramaswamy laid out his plan for moving forward from the threats he listed prior. He noted that former President Ronald Reagan was his hero and wanted to push forward a smaller government, with fewer regulations. He went on further to make promises to shut down the deep administrative state and the bureaucrats that staff the big agencies. He included shutting down the Department of Education, the EPA, and more of the three letter agencies that do nothing but drown us in regulations making a similar promise to those former President Trump made to "drain the swamp" and end civil service protections to gut the system. Ramaswamy really hit the China issue hard, advocating the recapture of the manufacturing abilities that China has taken over from us, including computer chip production and more. 

He called for a return to our moral roots and return to a sense of purpose and reason in America, reiterating his stance on Americanism and advocating for a return to patriotism and desire to put our country's needs first, before other nations such as Ukraine. 

Ramaswamy took the time to detail the threats that are facing the nation as he sees it, however, the details on how to reach the solutions he stated seemed a little vague or nonexistent, which is not a slight on Ramaswamy, but merely an observation.


The energy in the room was very positive and supportive of Ramaswamy and his message, with the members of the audience giving him a standing ovation and plenty of applause after his speech. However, some of the attendees who were Trump supporters would rather see Ramaswamy in a cabinet role instead of President. CAGOP delegate Lori Mills, who was in attendance, said:

Vivek touched on issues with China and what it is to be an American at the end of his speech. I, for one, agreed with these issues. I gave him a standing ovation, as did many other people, and I would love to see him in the Trump cabinet.

Ramaswamy was interviewed by members of the press, including RedState, and answered several questions for the press that were present.



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