Gavin Newsom Pushes His 28th Amendment to the State Senate Public Safety Committee

The Constitution of the United States of America. (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

On Tuesday, in the California State Capitol, the Senate Public Safety Commission voted in favor of passing a resolution titled SJR 7 to advance to the State Senate as a whole. SJR 7 is calling for the United States Congress to convene a constitutional convention under Article 5 of the Constitution, the first time since 1787, to consider Governor Gavin Newsom's pet project, the 28th Amendment, which would completely gut the Second Amendment as we know it. Newsom released a statement filled with the nonsense his 28th Amendment would do:


  • Raising the federal minimum age to purchase a firearm from 18 to 21;
  • Mandating universal background checks to prevent truly dangerous people from purchasing a gun that could be used in a crime;
  • Instituting a reasonable waiting period for all gun purchases; and
  • Barring civilian purchase of assault weapons that serve no other purpose than to kill as many people as possible in a short amount of time – weapons of war our nation’s founders never foresaw.

"Weapons of war" is a dog whistle. They think it's real and sexy, but it's really just dumb. If we use that as a legitimate descriptor of firearms, almost every firearm in existence would meet that classification as most guns were designed first for military applications. Remington 870 pump shotgun? Used in the military. Glock 19? Used in the military. Winchester model 70 and Remington 700 bolt action rifles, military uses them too. I guess we can't have jack for guns now. 

Firearms Policy Coalition also issued a statement to its members today in their classic unafraid and non-pc way, saying in part:

Today, The California State Senate’s Committee on Public Safety has voted to pass Governor Newsom's tyrannical push to spread the California-style disarmament agenda across the nation. 

That Newsom is willing to offer this route to impose his immoral policies on the entire nation is an ironic recognition that the tide of history has turned against him and a genuine admission that his failed policies cannot withstand court scrutiny.

Governor Newsom's unabashed pursuit to stifle the rights of countless peace-loving Americans presents a stark awakening for those who stand against authoritarianism and undue state aggression.

Firearms Policy Coalition will continue to restore the rights of the People in court, just as it has done in its lawsuits challenging California’s handgun roster and discriminatory fee-shifting regime, New Jersey’s Bruen response bill, and Illinois’ “assault weapon” ban.


Governor Newsom and his cronies in the State Senate and Assembly have historically spit in the face of lawful gun owners for years. California in general has been hostile to the Second Amendment since the late 80s and has gotten worse as time goes by, passing bill after bill that restricts gun owners from exercising their rights. The state currently has over 800 different laws regarding guns and their purchase, carry, ownership, and more. It has gotten to a point where prominent gun rights attorney C.D. "Chuck" Michel had to write a book about all of them so Californian gun owners wouldn't inadvertently break one of the 800-plus laws and go to jail.  

Newsom's views align with the majority of Democrats across the nation who will say that they support the Second Amendment, but... The facts, however, do not match up with their claims. Time and time again, we see Democrat after Democrat hop in front of a camera or microphone and propose laws that would do the opposite. No Democrat in the past 50 years has ever offered or supported a bill that would expand or protect the rights of lawful gun owners. 

In fact, Newsom continues to lie about guns in his ever-affective propaganda campaign on gun control. His newest one is that guns are now the leading cause of death to children in the US. The CDC reports that for children ages 1-4 years, the leading causes of death are unintentional accidents, followed by various medical conditions, and then murder. For children aged 5-9, the leading causes of death are unintentional accidents, followed by cancer, and then murder. For children aged 10-14, it's unintentional accidents, suicide, and then cancer. I am sure that guns were used in several of those cases, but it is flat-out deceitful to say guns are the sole reason they died. At the very least, they are altering the numbers to make it seem to be true. 


Newsom doesn't like facts because they don't make his case strong at all. He says the so-called "assault weapons" are responsible for thousands of deaths across the country, or at the very least, the majority of gun deaths. Well, ladies and gentlemen, let's consult the facts, shall we? According to the FBI Uniform Crime Reporting website, firearms were used in the deaths of 14,616 people in 2018. Out of this number, rifles were used a whopping 447 times. Stop the presses, people (just not this one) — Gavin Newsom is lying to us again. In the entire country, just 447 people were killed with a rifle, and that doesn't even specify what kind of rifle it is. Almost the same number of people (462) were killed with hands and feet.

Now let us examine the hilarious lies from the left, who know absolutely nothing about the things they want to ban. Former State Senator Kevin DeLeon, now current Los Angeles City Councilman who ironically still hasn't resigned after his racist comments, had one of the most mind-boggling statements about guns anyone has ever heard. In the video below, he holds an AR-15 stating that with a "30 caliber clip," it can dispense "30 bullets within half a second." That is physically impossible as the highest sustained rate of fire. If that rifle were to be modified into a machine gun, it would be approximately 950 rounds per minute, not per second. That's about 10 rounds per second, or five rounds every half second, not 30. The fastest cyclic rate of fire for a machine gun would be the American M134 minigun, which has a rate of fire between 2,000 and 6,000 rounds per minute. And you definitely can't fit that in your pocket. 


And not to be outdone, it was former Democratic Congressman David Cicilline who hilariously tried to say that a rifle stabilizing brace turns a rifle into a machine gun. 

The only thing we can rely on from Democrats is more lying about guns, more fear-mongering, and more attempts to strip our Second Amendment rights away. They never speak the truth, and they hide the facts if they don't fit their agenda. The only way we can stop the madness is to support the people who fight the laws in court. I always refer people to the FPC because they are suing machines. If you look on their website where they have their lawsuits listed, they have dozens of cases that are active in the courts, with several of them for Californians.  

So keep supporting the people who are supporting us because they need all our help if they're supposed to stop tyrants like Gavin Newsom. 



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