Democrats and Union Officials Miraculously "Finding" Lost "Ballot Boxes In Their Car Trunks

This happens in every close election. It happened in Washington State in the 2002 Gubernatorial Rossi-Gregoire race – Rossi won the first and second recounts, with King County Democrats finding more and more votes until Gregoire finally won – on the third recount. At which point, WA newspapers began calling on Rossi to accept the “results” and concede.


They tried to get car trunk ballots added to the tally in Ohio in 2004. They successfully got them added multiple times in the Minnesota 2008 Coleman-Franken race and a myriad of races in between.

Each time, the Democrats, their special interest groups, and their friends in the Press, from local newspapers up to the alphabet soup networks have shrieked that Republican objections to the counting of votes from “lost” ballot boxes miraculously found by Democratic activists in their closets and car trunks a week after the election which – “shockingly” – always overturn Republican leads, is because Republicans want to “suppress” the vote.

Each time, Republicans have allowed themselves to be browbeaten into silence and defeat.

What to do about it?

First is VOTE. Vote, and then get your friends and family to vote. Volunteer to GOTV by phonebanking for a favored candidate or walking your precinct. As Hugh Hewitt puts it; If It’s Not Close, They Can’t Cheat. If you’re a poll watcher, do not be shy or in any reticent about demanding ID – demand it of everyone. Inform any idiot who would shriek that it is “racist” or “anti-Hispanic” to ask for ID that Mexico demands a picture ID before allowing people to vote in their elections – if it is not “racist” in Mexico, it’s certainly not racist in America.

Let’s get our guys above the margin of the car trunk and George Soros.


But what happens if it is close? First, get on the phone to the Republican’s campaign HQ and offer to do what you can to help. But just as importantly, make clear your concern about voter fraud and car trunk ballot boxes and demand that they make as much noise about it as possible. The candidate should not do the “Bipartisan” thing and mince words – he should be on stage calling it as it is – fraud, and the people engaging in it – and their enablers in the Press Corps – as thieves and frauds.

Get on the phone to the NRCC (202-479-7000), NRSC (202-675-6000) and make it clear in no uncertain terms that they defend your vote. Tell them you expect to see ads on TV and Press Conferences. Tell them you expect to see lawyers by the planeloads and scorched earth tactics to rival the Mongols.

Let them know this time, unlike the Coleman campaign, you want a fight and will accept nothing short of victory.

Let Al Franken in 2008 be the last time Democrat fraud stole an election.

Now go VOTE.



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