UPDATE: Hamas Rejects Biden's Deal; Blinken Admits 'Miracle' Deal Is Copy of Hamas Proposal

AP Photo/Efrem Lukatsky

Hamas has officially rejected the deal Biden touted as the answer to end the war in Gaza. This should surprise no one because it is the 56879870384th deal that Hamas has rejected. The difference is that this deal was supposed to be different, according to Biden.


In fact, it was different than the other deals Israel offered because they weren’t the ones to make it up. Blinken stated unashamedly that the deal was copied from a proposal drawn up by none other than Hamas themselves.

Hamas should not require much convincing as the proposal is nearly identical to the one Hamas itself proposed on May 6, according to Blinken. 

So to recap: Biden announced the vague “miracle” deal that he claims was Israel’s idea. Oddly, he announced it instead of their own Prime Minister, and he announced it on the Sabbath when the Israeli government could not respond. The deal sounded nothing like what Israel had been demanding all along, and the Prime Minister had to directly refute it as misinformation. Then, Blinken attempts to encourage us by assuring us Hamas will accept the deal because they wrote it. And, of course, they still reject it because making a deal was never really something they intended to do. Any sane person can see that at this point.

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All that betrayal and throwing Israel under the bus for nothing.


Can there be any doubt now that the Biden administration is directly trying to undermine Israel and its pursuit of victory over the terrorist organization? In what world did Blinken think taking Hamas’ own proposal and forcing it on Israel was a “resolution”? It sounds more like a diplomatic ambush disguised as heroism, as the left loves to do. 

Hamas claims that they will not accept any deal that does not include the complete withdrawal of Israel from Gaza. Israel would be foolish to accept such a deal, considering they have all but taken control of the strip. Israel refuses to accept any deal that includes the surrender of the war effort. Until Hamas is completely removed, they will not relent. 

Four hostages were rescued in a brief burst of hope last week. But the heroic rescue in Operation Arnon is unfortunately not how most hostages are expected to be returned. Rescue operations are very complex, difficult to execute, and the line between victory and tragedy is a thin thread. 

Hamas has been given good deals, and even when it’s clear they cannot win this war militarily, they refuse to accept any common sense offers. They were at a point where perhaps they would have relented, but President Biden turned on our ally and openly catered to the pro-Hamas crowds. This betrayal, in combination with the unchecked hate moving through our cities and colleges, has emboldened Hamas. They know they can’t win militarily, but they believe they are winning in ideology. This is support like they haven’t ever seen before. Their self-proclaimed enemy, the United States, has been infiltrated from within. What more could they want?


It's back to the drawing board for the negotiating teams. At this point, it's just for show. Everyone knows that a deal is not going to be made until Hamas gets much more desperate. For that to happen, we will have to stop coddling their narrative. This war could have already been over with strong, decisive action. 



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