Tlaib Tells Voters Not to Vote for Biden in November in Strategy That Only Makes Sense to Her

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While Americans celebrated our fallen heroes over the Memorial Day weekend, Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) chose to celebrate something else. More correctly, she chose to celebrate someone, or somewhere, else. 


It shouldn’t shock us that one of our most anti-American officials celebrated with a terrorist organization in which speakers called for protestors to “bring down this empire with one million cuts” — referring to the United States. 

The three-day event in Detroit was called the “Peoples Conference for Palestine.” The organizers were a founding member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), Salah Salah, and member of the PFLP,  Wisam Rafeedie. The PFLP is a U.S.-designated terrorist organization that claimed responsibility for the deadly bombing of a 17-year-old girl.

While Americans across the country sang our national anthem, attendees at the People’s Conference for Palestine sang and danced to a “nostalgic” medley of songs “from the first intifada.” 

When Tlaib had her turn to speak, she voiced her anger at the Biden administration for their support for Israel. She vowed vengeance in November, revealing a political strategy truly of her own nonsensical design. 

“It is disgraceful that the Biden administration and my colleagues in Congress continue to smear [anti-Israel students on college campuses] for protesting to save lives — no matter their faith or ethnicity. It is cowardly. But we’re not going to forget in November, are we?” Tlaib said.

If we were to forget for the moment that this is a government official desecrating our patriotic weekend with her terrorist friends, it’s hard not to almost feel pity for the Democrats who have such a loose nut sitting on their bench. Contrary to Tlaib’s apparent belief, that’s not how elections work. This isn’t a game of checkers that you can sit out the next round if you don’t like how your friends are playing. 


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Either she secretly wants Trump to win (doubtful), doesn’t know how counting works, or doesn’t have a care about who wins or loses because she is only here to use her platform for her own ulterior motives. 

It’s most likely the latter. 

In a way, she has already gotten what she wants – attention and noise. She can spew out her anti-Israel and anti-American horse manure, and now she has the world listening. Like her friend Ilhan Omar, who pledged her allegiance to Somalia, these “politicians” don’t even have to hide their motives now. We are the fools for letting them occupy public office when they truly care nothing for our country.

Tlaib’s lovely friends had an eventful weekend where they celebrated Hamas’s tunnels, clarified that resistance “in all its forms” is their right, and made sure to make clear that they claim Hamas proudly as their own.

“This is not a struggle between Hamas and Israel. Hamas is part of the resistance of the Palestinian people.”

Some like to try and separate innocent civilians in Gaza from the terrorist organization, but here, it’s all put out in the open. Hamas’s approval ratings don’t lie. The terrorist group is not holding the Gazan people hostage. This is the life they choose. 

While pressure mounts for Israel to give the murderers more land and resources, at least at this conference, we see that Netanyahu isn’t the only one against a two-state solution. 


“These Zionists lie like they breathe,” Rafeedie said. “I want to assure everyone that there is no longer a place for a two-state solution for any Palestinian. The only solution is one democratic Palestinian land which will end the Zionist project in Palestine.”

We used to have the luxury of looking away from these tragic and irreconcilable differences in the Middle East. We used to have the luxury of saying, “I feel so sorry for them...” as we went along our own privileged, safe lives. But this isn’t a conference held in the Middle East. It was spoken in perfect English, by our citizens, in our city. Its guest speaker was an elected official of our country. 

Tlaib was right about one thing: We have an opportunity this November to show how we really feel — and there could never have been a more crucial time. 


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