Hey, you -- Trump supporters! Listen up!

A little thought experiment for Trump supporters: It’s 2018. President Hillary Clinton is holding a Rose Garden ceremony celebrating a special tax credit program meant to stimulate the economy, which is still limping. She’s raising other taxes to pay for it, taxes you’ll end up shelling out. She welcomes to the podium one of the backers of this crony capitalism deal who speaks briefly before she shakes his hand and pats him on the back. This businessman is Donald Trump. Yes, he ran on making America great again. But he’s just as happy with making Donald Trump’s portion of America great again, and the rest of you big, fat losers can just su…suffer.


Sorry to be so blunt, but I figured that talking to you in the language of your current hero might help get through to you. You’re being conned, duped, snowed.

You think this guy is saying what others are afraid to say. You think he has the guts to make America great again, to get things done. You think he speaks for you in his aggressive attacks on a feckless media. You think he’ll be your advocate against the machine that has become our political system.

You’re being played. Big-time. Huge-time. He’s going to drop you like a failing casino and leave you paying off the debts for his stupid mistakes if you disagree with him on anything.

Yeah, I get your anger. I share it. I’m with you on your pent-up rage against most of the media who follow stories herd-like even when what they’re saying turns out not to be true (remember Ferguson?). I get that you’re fed up with politicians who promise to change things, then do little once they’re entrenched in cozy offices in DC. And I get that sometimes Trump is right, at least to some small degree, about some important issues.

But just spewing outrage and overly broad generalities isn’t enough to fix America. I mean, c’mon, if you’re upset with Barack Obama overstepping the bounds of the executive branch, how comfortable are you going to be when The Donald starts doing stuff you don’t like? Guess what? The abuse I’ve heaped on you so far will be small potatoes compared to what you’ll hear from him.


When you oppose one of his policies, you’ll be the ones who are “weak” “lacking energy.” Or maybe he’ll mimic a disabled person to poke fun at your backward moronic notions.

And when he starts making deals with the pols you loathe that benefit his own companies, he’ll sneer at you and call you every synonym for loser he can think of, mocking you for not being as powerful as he is because if you were so smart, how come you didn’t understand all this before. No, scratch that. He won’t use synonyms. He’ll just say loser a lot. Huge loser. Low energy loser. Weak loser. Deadbeat loser. Start practicing it in the mirror looking at yourself. That’s what you’ll hear from him when you dare disagree.

Look, I understand your anger, as I said. But there are other candidates out there who get it, too. Carly Fiorina, [mc_name name=’Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’R000595′ ], Chris Christie are my favorites in this category– they all have been saying a lot of the same refreshingly frank things about how messed up our country is, how biased the media is (and how silly) and how we need to get back on track.

The difference is they don’t just hurl insults and inflammatory rhetoric to get that herd-like media turning cameras their way. They make articulate points. They have policy solutions. They have principles. They have character. While you’re off looking at the Big Shiny that is Donald Trump, they’re actually talking about ideas. But hey, he’s distracted you, and you don’t like all that policy reading anyway, so no biggie. I get it. So does he.


If he — God forbid — wins the GOP nomination and loses to Hillary, a known liar and incompetent leader responsible for our miserable, “losing” foreign policy, he’ll still make deals with her and her administration. Fabulous deals.

Pat yourself on the back, then. Because you will have helped make it all happen.

Libby Sternberg is a novelist, not a best-selling one, which she knows will earn her the loser label from a certain presidential candidate.


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