WATCH: Team Trump Drops Brutal Post-Debate Ad

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Following the first presidential debate of the 2024 election cycle and Biden's abysmal performance, the Trump team released a brutal ad highlighting the moments that Biden struggled, and there were many of those moments. This shows that they are on the offense and will force Biden and the Democrats to defend the president's record instead of talking about Trump's falsified business records convictions and anything that is not related to policy. 



The Trump team's compilation was good, which shows that America can't afford another four years of Biden and his policies, and they did not even need to use Trump's debate performance in the ad. There have been many rumors swirling about whether Biden will step aside and allow a younger Democrat to take his place, but as of right now, he seems to be the Democrats' guy and should be treated as such. They should not go soft on Biden due to these rumors.

The Biden campaign came out Friday morning and said:

There is always a truth-telling session when these things happen. Joe Biden is not averse to hearing things that are bad. He has to make the decision about whether he's gonna be a candidate or not. He has done that; he's going to be the nominee. So, again, he started off slow last night. I thought he had some really good points during the debate.


CNN Senior White House Correspondent Kayla Tausche said:

There are no plans, I'm told, for the President to drop out of the race, and even further, I'm told that the President is still committed to a second debate in September ... Now, the adviser that I spoke with said that they were not putting too much stock in the conversation last night and that many of the staffers on the campaign and in the White House also worked on President Obama's re-election in 2012, and they tried to draw the parallel to that first debate that was a very low performance for President Obama.  

These reports all but officially confirm that Biden is the Democrat nominee through the convention. This was a brilliant ad by the Trump team, which will have voters continue to have conversations around kitchen tables about the debate performance and whether they want someone to lead the country for another four years when he, unfortunately, can't speak clearly during a 90-minute debate. 


It's Biden's decision whether to stay in the race and accept the nomination as the vultures wait in the wings, but the Trump campaign just received a slew of content from last night's debate that they can use to their advantage. 


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