WATCH: Trump Lands a Knock-Out Blow Early in the Debate

AP Photo/Gerald Herbert

I've got a confession to make. I never expected Joe Biden to do this poorly. The debate is still ongoing as I type this but for the current president to somehow rebound seems improbable. It's been that bad. 


The senility that has become a hallmark of Biden's public appearances exploded onto the scene just minutes into the debate. Whatever the drug cocktail team whipped up, they got the dosage wrong, and he's been slurring, mixing up names, and outright losing his train of thought.

Because of that, it didn't take long for Trump to deliver a knock-out blow. This will end up being the clip of the night, in my opinion. 

The internet lit up with responses after that moment, and for good reason. The contrast between Biden slurring and making no sense to end an answer and Trump quickly reacting with humor was stark. Yes, their ages are similar, but there's no doubt the former president is far more mentally and physically fit for the office, and this debate is making that clear. 

Meanwhile, Biden's brain just continued to break. 


I honestly thought Biden would be prepared to go for at least a half hour before he started to crash. That he started this debate in such bad shape is a fire-alarm fire for Democrats. They can't let this guy be the nominee. 

Does that mean he'll actually get replaced? Well, that's another issue entirely given how difficult it would be to jettison an incumbent president at the convention, but after tonight, they have to try, right? And I'll just note that I haven't even mentioned the actual merits of the topics discussed. On that front, the former president surpassed (at least so far) expectations. Trump didn't win the election tonight because you can't win a presidential election in June, but man, did he take a sprinter's lead. 



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