OPINION: Gavin Newsom's Political Career Is Over

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On Thursday, the California Supreme Court sided with Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) and the Democrat legislature, ruling that any tax increase or new tax measure will not be decided by the voters. Instead, it will be decided by the bureaucrats. 


As RedState's Jennifer Van Laar reported, California residents had an opportunity to decide whether the California bureaucrats should raise taxes, but due to the influence of Newsom and Democrat leaders, they managed to defy Democracy and do as they please.

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Yet, all we have heard from Newsom and members of the legislature is that MAGA and "extremist Republicans" are "dangerous" and "a threat to Democracy."

Newsom is set to term out as Governor in 2026, meaning he will likely run for President in 2028. He will tout "Democracy," but this ruling opens the door for Democrats such as Gov. Josh Shapiro (D-PA) and Jared Polis (D-CO), among other 2028 hopefuls who want to set themselves apart from the California Governor. 

For many, California is the most beautiful state in America. To this day, California is the most populated state; however, due to the one-party rule in the California Assembly and Newsom’s incompetence, California is not living up to its potential.


California leads the nation in homelessness. In 2023, the state accounted for nearly 30 percent of all homeless in America, partly because they make being homeless easy in the state and invite homeless from other states as well. 

Homelessness has worsened under Newsom when he was Mayor of San Francisco and now Governor of California. Crime is out of control, drugs on the street, the border crisis has arrived in San Diego, while Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) seals the Texas border, and Newsom just watches the illegals coming to California. The state is facing a record deficit of $73 billion after having a record surplus of $97 billion less than two years ago.

His future Democrat opponents for the presidential nomination already had plenty of ammunition against Newsom and his record. Adding his denial of Californians' chance to vote on tax raises only bolsters their case. Claiming he "stands up for Democracy" will seem foolish when he denies that very principle to his own constituents.


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It should be an outrage for Democrats, Independents, and Republicans alike that bureaucrats think they can decide for voters what is right for the voter and the state. In the long run, this will backfire on them if they ever want to get promoted to bigger and better things in their political career. 

Newsom's actual attack on Democracy could be the nail in the coffin of any hope he had of becoming President. If he decides to run for President and ultimately loses, that will end Newsom's long career as a politician.



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