Train Wreck: "Black Men for Sanders" Director Accuses Establishment Dems of Suppressing the Black Vote in the Primary (VIDEO)

That whole “unity” think is going to be much harder for Dems to achieve this year than they think. This morning on CNN, the panel invited on Gary Frazier, who is the “East Coast Coordinator” for a group called “Black Men for Sanders.” Frazier agreed with Trump spox and national trainwreck Katrina Pierson that the Establishment Democrats have been suppressing the black vote (which is bizarre given that Hillary won the black vote pretty handily).


But moreover, Frazier agreed that the establishment Democrats have been the main problem with the black community, as they have been running communities where black people are struggling.

Pierson: Disunity, she’s getting booed by delegates at her own convention, now we’re hearing about voter suppression in California and we see the DNC emails, the racism and bigotry in the DNC emails. These are all things that Republicans are accused of doing, and it’s been exposed to the country that it is the DNC that participates in racial divides…

Carol Costello (CNN): Gary, I see Gary here, you’re shaking your head, are you in agreement with Katrina?

Gary Frazier: Absolutely, because again, it goes back to the minority communities that folks continue to overlook. That’s the thing. These minority communities are suffering, and blighted communities that are suffering at the hands of established Democrats. It’s not the Republicans that are doing this to is. These are established Democrats that are doing this to us. So until we have a real conversation about what are we going to do in minority communities, how can we get behind such corruption? And I want to say this as well, too, you… we cannot continue uttering Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, you know, those people stood for integrity and morals, and this is what they died for. Our votes, they died for our right to vote.


Costello: Did you embrace Michelle Obama’s speech?

Frazier: Absolutely not. And I’ll tell you exactly why.

Costello: Really?

Frazier: I’ll tell you exactly why. My hat’s off to Michelle Obama, they’ve done some great things as President and First Lady. But I think when you try to play on the race card in the black community, because first you guys sent us Obama..

Costello: You thought Michelle Obama was playing the race card?

Frazier: The establishment was playing the race card. See, because first you try to send us Oprah. You sent Obama. Obama didn’t work. Then you try to send Oprah. Oprah didn’t work. See, we are awake.

Hilary Rosen: They are their own people. They are not anybody’s tools. Stop talking to them…

Frazier: They’re being used as tools. [crosstalk]

Rosen: That’s disrespectful to them…

Frazier: It’s disrespectful to us in the minority community.

Look, I could be wrong, but I think this will be the last time Mr. Frazier is invited on CNN. This is really not the sort of thing they regularly invite black commentators – even liberal ones – on air to say. It is a pretty good indication of the political chaos this crazy election season has wrought, though.



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