Guess Who Began Running the First Pro-Trump Ads in Ohio Today? Hint: It's not the Trump Campaign

Hillary Clinton has already spent $26 million dollars in advertising in swing states. Meanwhile on the Trump side – total radio silence. Zero dollars from the Trump campaign, zero dollars from pro-Trump super PACs, zero dollars from anti-Hillary super PACs.

Today, for the first time, someone finally began to run ads in a battleground state (Ohio) that do anything other than praise Hillary. But it wasn’t the Trump campaign, or any Trump super PACs. Those groups are still totally incapable of raising money or spending it properly. Nope, it’s the NRA, who has spent about two and a half million dollars on running this ad in Ohio:

It’s something, I guess. And if you’re a donor to or member of the NRA, now you know at least some of what your money went for.

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