The Left Fears Muslims More than they Support the LGBT Community

What happened in the dead of the night last night in Orlando was a direct attack on the LGBT community. Given the way gay people are treated in the Muslim world, is there anyone who doesn’t believe that the attackers chose the Pulse nightclub specifically because it caters to the gay community?

Now imagine that instead of having been a Muslim, the shooter had been a Southern Baptist. Would any leftist on the earth have hesitated in even the slightest way to blame the “culture of hate” associated (in their own minds) with the Baptist religion for this horrible crime? Would any of them have spent copious amounts of time today warning people against the evils of Baptistophobia?

No. We all know good and well that Dr. Russell Moore would have been dragged on every news show in the whole country and made to answer for the horrible slaughter in Orlando, and every media figure would wisely and sadly shake their head at the known fact that Baptist rhetoric was entirely to blame for what happened in Orlando. Before the end of the day, several prominent Democrats would have called for the criminal prosecution of the shooter’s pastor.

Heck, the demonization of guns might have even taken a backseat to the flogging of shooter’s religion. Sure, there would have been token objections to the existence of guns, but mostly people would suddenly understand that the main problem that needs to be addressed is the hateful religion that caused all this.

However, since the shooter is Muslim and by all accounts went on this rampage in the name of his religion, we are treated to a whole different spectacle, one that is as predictable and tiresome as the day is long: blame guns, excuse Islam, and warn that the real danger is not all the violent killing that is done in the name of Islam, but the (almost entirely) nonexistent danger of violent killings done in the name of Islamophobia. We had to watch President Obama give a speech about the shooting which didn’t mention Islam once, but acted as though inanimate guns were the reason 50 people died on Saturday night.

If I were a member of the LGBT community, I would be watching the left with an extremely jaundiced eye from this day forward. While Democrats are certainly willing to fundraise and pontificate off LGBT issues, what they are not willing to do is acknowledge that the Religion of Peace is by far the biggest cause of violence against the LGBT community worldwide, and is almost exclusively responsible for fatal violence against the LGBT community in the modern world.

From the honest LGBT perspective, whatever problems you think might need to be addressed in the Christian world, the problems in the Muslim world are at least ten times worse. And anyone who was truly on the side of the LGBT community would stand up and say that.

So take note: however much the left purports to be on your side, they’re scared of offending the Muslims even more.


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